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New Releases

The second generation of the Xikar Stratosphere has arrived. This high altitude and water-resistant lighter is extremely durable and dependable. The Stratosphere II features the “X” design throughout its rubber body for a superior grip and modern look. The new durable spring-assisted lid easily exposes a powerful single wind proof flame.



The Allume is a nice small profile single flame lighter. This lighter has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. Its small and durable body style fits comfortably in the hand and easily slides into your pocket. Xikar is growing the Allume family with the all new Allume Single Double and Triple. These additions are powerful jet flame lighters. They have been engineered for performance, strength and dependability.

The single flame Ultra Mag lighter features an external redesign with performance in mind, clean and elegant lines to the magnetic metal body. The Ultra Mag lighter features an enhanced magnetic attachment system, providing a seamless magnetic connection to its space saving counterpart, the Ultra Slim cutter.


The all new 5×64 Turrim is a unique double jet flame lighter. Its versatile cylindrical shape allows for easy portability in a cigar slot inside your travel case or as a durable table top lighter. Its massive fuel tank and oversized, ratcheting fuel adjustment wheel are new to the cigar industry.



The Volta bundles XIKAR’s patented technologies in a high performance quad flame tabletop lighter. The oversized push button ignition fits flush against the cylindrical metal body creating a powerful appearance. The high tech camera aperture-inspired lid protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a quick twist of the top lid.


The Forte from XIKAR is the newest single jet flame lighter designed to last. Its hot rod inspired design is built on a newly designed chassis, delivering consistent performance, time after time. The all metal body features a built-in razor sharp 7mm cigar punch so you can always be prepared.



Xikar xidris lighter

The new Xidris single flame lighter pushes the limits. Each lighter features a unique, supercar-inspired finish for a distinct style. Direct Inject Flame Technology optimizes performance, promoting a consistent and steady flame, time after time.



How to Fill and Bleed Your Butane Lighter

Xikar Cutter

Xikar Cutter 302dm-detail

To celebrate 20 years of the Xi cutter, founders Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger designed a limited edition cutter for the ultimate collector, the Xi3 Damascus. Brushed, stainless steel body and wings are paired with hand-forged stainless Damascus steel blades by the world-renowned Mike Norris in “Gator Skin” Damascus Pattern.


  • Brushed stainless steel body and wings
  • 150 layers of rolled stainless Damascus steel
  • Stainless Damascus steel mixture of 19c-27, 302, and D2
  • Flat-top TORX pivot adds strength and modern design
  • Shagreen stingray sheath included to protect cutter when not in use; stingray is 25x more durable than cowhide leathers
  • Certificate of Authenticity

What is Damascus steel? 
Damascus steel originated in medieval times. It was developed and processed to produce the sharpest cutting surface ever seen. Damascus steel is created by hammer-welding strips of steel, followed by repeated heating, forging and folding of the steel. This process is performed numerous times, creating multiple layers of forged steel that produce distinctive patterns of banding and mottling, reminiscent of flowing water. Damascus steel is renowned not only for its appearance, but also for its flexibility, strength and razor-sharp edge.

Xikar Hygrometer

Xikar Purotemp Wireless hygrometer

XIKAR PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System. This wireless remote hygrometer system can read up to 3 separate remote units in different humidors allowing you to know the temperature and humidity level in all 3 locations without having to open the humidor.

PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System Features:

  • Humidor temperature & relative humidity display
  • Ability to monitor up to 3 humidors within a 60ft range
  • High & Low temperature/ humidity alerts
  • Temp. display in °F or °C
  • Temp. Range: –13 to 140 °F or –25 to 60 °C
  • Relative Humidity Range (RH): 20% to 95%
  • Accuracy (RH): +/- 2% (Temp): +/- .1 °C
  • Four function keys: CH, SELECT, UP, DOWN
  • 12 / 24 Hour Clock

Xikar XO Cutter Double Guillotine

Xikar XO Cutter

The XO is inspired by timeless design. The dual stainless steel blades operate on a patent pending planetary gear system, ensuring the blades open and close in perfect harmony. This provides a guided clean cut every time. The round aluminum body of the XO is built for durability and performance.

Xikar Xi1

Xikar Xi1 Cutter

A lightweight aluminum body encases the hardest, sharpest double guillotine blades in a spring loaded, ergonomic teardrop shape that will fit comfortably in your hand. Their unique teardrop shape and double guillotine action offer powerful cutting ability.

All Xi Cutters feature 440C stainless steel blades with a Rockwell HRC 57 rating: they will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar.

The retro Xi1 features the original brass-rivet-fastener, Phillips screws and Xi logo on the back of the cutter. Laser etched identifiers have been added to include both of XIKAR’s founding fathers’ signatures, logos, patent numbers and US trademarks that have been acquired over the past 20 years.

Xikar Warranty

Xikar is proud to offer our lifetime warranty on all XIKAR products. They say If you feel that it fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish & function, simply return it  & they will cheerfully repair or replace your product. XIKAR reserves the right to repair, or replace at their discretion. Returned items may be replaced with a refurbished equivalent, depending on the age and condition of the return.

If returning a lighter, it must be shipped EMPTY of butane fuel..


If you need your blades sharpened, simply return the cutter they will repair or replace the blades and return it.


XIKAR lighters carry a Lifetime Warranty.

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