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Welcome to another installment of the The Cigar Cafe Radio. I am your host Lane Oden. I’m joined today by Cohost and owner of Cigars & More Harris Saunders. Sean Kavanaugh our producer is at the helm today. We have a special guest with us today. Jason Robnett from CLE and Asylum Cigars. Jason welcome to the show!

– Jason Robnett is the Southeast regional sales manager for CLE and Asylum Cigars

CLE Eiroa Corojo CigarJason how did you get into the cigar world? 

Jason: I smoked my first cigar 10 years ago. Through a series of events (job change, breakup etc.) I ended up going to Europe with friends and smoked my first premium cigar at the Colesseum in Rome.

Jason: I am from Walker County, Alabama the hit man capitol of the world. Tobacco, snuff etc. never appealed to me before this trip to Europe. I was changed after that.

What do you like most about the Cigar Industry?

Jason: I really love the people and camaraderie of the cigar industry. There just isn’t anything like it.

What was your first cigar?

Jason: Cuban Montecristo #2 There are so many great cigars out there. It was a great first cigar experience.

I hear you are a big Alabama football fan?

Jason: Not true! I am a huge Auburn football fan!

What’s new with CLE and Asylum Cigars?

Jason: I really want to focus on what our company has been doing well and consistently for many years. I think it is a big problem in the cigar industry that people only care about whats new or the latest thing. Christian Eiroa’s father Julio was the first person in the world to cultivate the Corojo seed in Honduras. The leaf has great flavor but most companies avoid it because of low yield and it is susceptible to mold.

CLE is creating the corojo seed cigars in the world right now. Our factories are the only Bayer (aspirin people) certified cigar factories in the world. They are the cleanest and most high tech.

What are you smoking today?

Jason: Eiroa Corojo by CLE  these are all aged 5-6 years before shipping

Lane and Harris: Asylum Straight Jacket 50×5 distributed by CLE

We also make the Eiroa in an all maduro version called the CBT maduro by CLE. CBT stands for Capa Banda Tripa which means wrapper binder filler all are maduro tobacco.

Why do you call yourself the Cigar Vixen?

Jason: Its a joke about how so many personalities in the cigar industry take things to seriously and try to make it all about them. We should be focused on the cigars and making them the best they can be. The real rock stars work in the cigar factories and don’t care about recognition.


Christian Eiroa is the former owner of Camacho Cigars. He sold the brand to Davidoff.

– Christian’s father Julio’s influence is really showing up in their newer blends – balance and complexity

– Asylum has a double meaning – Everyone seeks asylum

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