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Show Notes:

Hello everyone my name is Lane Oden Cigar Junkie, lover of fine whisky, SEC football nut and your host for the first ever Cigar Café podcast. I’m super juiced to have on my co-host and owner of Birmingham’s own Cigars & More Harris Saunders

Hey Harris what’s up?

Just to let people know we plan on being a fun show, talking a bit about everything centered around smoking your favorite cigar/cigars. We call it a lifestyle that revolves around enjoying life, friends and things you love. We’re going to bring you guests that are pretty relevant in the cigar world. We may even surprise you along the way.

So Roll Tide and welcome. War Eagle from Harris.

Harris, so that people get to know you a bit more. Why don’t you tell us a bit about how you got yourself mixed up in the cigar business?

The Cigar business has gone through some pretty drastic changes in the last 5 to 10 years. Some good and some not so good. What has been the single biggest recent change in the business?

You own four cigar shops in the Birmingham area, I assume you’re a big fan of cigars? Let our listeners know what cigars you’re into right now.

How long have you been an avid cigar smoker?

Has you palate changed over the years? I know quite a few Cigar Smokers I know start off as mild cigar guys and girls (we don’t want to forget the ladies that smoke out there) So they start mild and move into more robust and complex flavored cigars. Do you find that to be common?

Obviously small batch boutique cigars have taken the cigar world by storm. Do you think this is a good thing? I love it because there is so much variety now, I can always find a cigar that hits the spot.

****favorite cigars at the moment***

Asylum Dragons Milk Cigar Review

I always like to compliment my cigars with a whiskey Harris what beverage do you like to couple with your smoke? Quite a few gents I know drink coffee with their smoke . Do you ever have a cup of coffee and a cigar?

Woodford Reserve or coffee are good pairings with cigars

UAB football program comes to an end. What do people in Birmingham think about this?

SEC and about Alabama reeled off their 4th straight #1 recruiting class. We love smoking Perdomo cigars on the quad at Alabama.

3 or 4 cigars to try

1.) a mild creamy cigar – CLE Connecticut

2.) full bodied smoke – La Flor Dominicana Digger Maduro

3.) For the adventurous (Maybe one that is off the beaten path that’s a bit exotic) – Asylum Dragons Milk

4.) for the ladies in the house – CAO Moontrance

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