Golf Green Island

Golf Green Island (Photo credit: jurvetson)

Diverse tastes

Cigars on the whole are a subjective experience.  Some people like robustos some people like a milder cigar, some people like flavored cigars.  All in all it is up to you how you enjoy cigars best.  But one thing that most cigar smokers agree on is that you should have a golf cigar.

Golf and Cigars

The golf cigar combo is so prevalent today that it is almost unanimous among those that play golf and smoke cigars that they should be done together.  The golf cigar marriage makes sense.  Golf and cigars are both very relaxing activities.

Golf cigar folks are those who appreciate the finer things and who like to optimize their leisure time.  The golf cigar relationship also makes sense because both habits carry a certain level of prestige and take investments of time and money to sustain the habit and get good at it.

Cigar Wrapper Color Chart

Cigar Wrapper Color Chart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Perfect Cigar for Golf

So what cigar is the perfect golf cigar?  Many agree that there is a balance here.  While smoking a golf cigar is a great idea, you do not want to smoke a golf cigar that will distract you from your game.  While the accompaniment of a golf cigar is great, you don’t want the cigar to play the lead role.

If the cigar is too good you may not be focused on that 6 foot birdie put you need to make.  This could be considered both a lack of respect for taking the game seriously as well as a lack of respect for your fine cigar.

The finest of cigars should not have to share your attention with anything else.  The distractions of the sun and the birds and the frustration of your slice can take away from some cigars that were not meant to be a golf cigar.

So just like a lite beer is better suited for the golf course than a Guinness or a margarita, it is usually best to have a mild and common flavored golf cigar.  Bundled cigars make for great golf cigars.  Bundled cigars are usually on the cheaper side because they are made from short filler rather than the long filler in fine cigars.  These are perfect for a golf cigar. Some good brands are Perdomo Fresco, Flor de Oliva and Quorum.

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