Holts Cigar Company was established in 1898 in center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Holts Cigar Company has changed hands a few times. It has always been a great place to find premium hand made cigars.

Holts Cigar Company History

The Levin family currently runs Holts and has since 1957.  Originally Holts was a local tobacconist of sorts. The Holts Cigar Company has grown into a regional and national brand name in cigar production and distribution.

The old stand by of the Holts cigar name is the Holts cigar retail store. It is still located in center city Philadelphia.  The store has been recently expanded. It now boasts one of the nation’s largest walk in humidors and a world class cigar lounge.

Premium Holts Cigar Experience

Premium cigars are not just about the product. Cigars are about the experience. Holts cigar shows they know this with the retail store they run.  Friendly knowledgeable faces welcome everyone from the aficionado to the novice cigar smoker.  Holts cigar also has a new retail store in north east Philadelphia. It is something to behold.  Holts cigar is always hosting different cigar events at their retail stores.  Call them up or visit the Holts website to find out more.

Premium Cigars Internet and Mail Order Holts cigar

Holts cigar has a strong mail order and wholesale presence in the market as well.  So if you can’t make it to center city Philly for your next smoke Holts can still take care of you.  Holts is one of the largest national cigar catalog companies around.  Holts has adapted to the internet age as well.

Holts Cigar Website

The Holts cigar website offers the full range of cigars and cigar accessories.  Holts cigar has some great deals on their website as well.  Holts online is a great place to find everything you need for your cigar life.  You can also get involved in the fight against government infringement on your right to smoke freely on the Holts website.

Ashton Cigar Brand by Holts Cigar

In 1986, Holts cigar created the Ashton brand as its first proprietary cigar brand.  Ashton was an instant success for Holts.  The Ashton brand was quickly heralded as one of the best cigar brands out there. It has had continued success in the premium hand rolled cigar market.  During the height of the cigar boom of the nineteen nineties Ashton released the Virgin Sun Grown. It has been the most widely acclaimed cigars produced by Holts.

Visit Holts cigar online at www.holts.com

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