Padron 1964 Family Reserve 45 Years 52×6 Natural

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6×52 box pressed

Retail: $27

Body 1-10: 7.5

The Padron family has been making cigars as Padron Cigars since 1964. Jose Orlando Padron founded the company in 1964 in Miami, Florida after he moved there fleeing from Cuba. The company has since moved headquarters to Esteli, Nicaragua and produces some of the finest handmade cigars in the world. The family name is synonymous with consistency, beautiful flavor and simply put excellent cigars in virtually every aspect imaginable.

Padron 1964 Family Reserve 45 Years
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First Third This cigar is a flat capped box press so I chose to go with a V-cut on the cigar. My xikar v-cut and the Padron 45 matched up perfectly and resulted in an ideal canyon to draw out of. Pre-light there is a perfect draw that is not loose at all with just a touch of resistance. Construction wise, this is exactly what you look for in a premium cigar. This cigar had no trouble lighting up and almost immediately emitted a perfectly even burn with notes of wood and a light cedar to begin with. When set down, smoke continued to waft out of the foot of the cigar indicating wonderful construction. The flavor quickly changes from wood and cedar to the signature Nicaraguan spice that will surely liven up your palate. This flavor profile changes less than a half-inch in. The ash here is a lovely light grey and an inch in is rather delicate. When set down on an ash tray it gladly dipped off and stayed entirely in tact (just another sign of immaculate construction!)

Second Third: The wood and cedars are entirely replaced here by the Nicaraguan spice and a touch of bitterness on the back-end and the draw continues to be excellent. In this stage there is a fair amount of bitterness but it is still enjoyable as this cigar smokes extremely smooth. The cigar makes another transition from the spice to more earthy and leathery notes but still keeps some of the spice from the beginning of this stage (60-40 split). Every other puff or so there is also a slight hint of chocolate, a welcomed transition out of the bitterness.  Moving towards the halfway point chocolate continues to become more prevalent but with the earth and leather tones overpowering.

Halftime: So far this has been nothing but enjoyable. The cigar has excellent construction with wonderful flavors that continue to evolve with a perfectly even burn. The only downside is that it is burning a touch faster than I would like (halfway through at 45 minutes).

Final Third: The spice flavors distinctly return here dare I say a little stronger than they were initially and have entirely taken over the cigar. The spice in this third is almost overpowering but personally, I find it enjoyable. The Padron 45 really shines here as most cigars tend to turn bitter towards the end but this particular one keeps its flavor right down to the last minute. Your fingers may get a little hot but you’ll have no issues burning every inch of this stick which is very nice to know, considering the price point.

Overall: The Padron 45thanniversary has quickly become one of my favorite vitolas. Construction and look of this cigar not only lives up to but embodies the Padron family name that is simply known for quality. The wrapper is coarse letting you know that it has been around for a few years before being rolled and in all honesty is rather toothy. With that being said, this cigar has no issue burning perfectly even all the way through. This cigar has several distinct flavors and is masterfully constructed making each time it is smoked an absolute pleasure. The burn time on this stick was about average, around an hour and a half and every single minute of it was enjoyable–not one spot, point of bitterness or anything going wrong. The Padron 45 is a wonderful cigar to compliment a nice cup of coffee or your favorite adult beverage. With this being such a seriously spice laden and peppery nicaraguan I would pair this with something smooth and subtle such as Woodford Double Oak or Macallan 12 year. Either would make for a wonderful evening with this exceptional cigar.

While this is certainly a special occasion cigar, if you can handle the price point I would be happy to smoke one of these every day. This is a premium cigar that will hit you with a great medium to full body and beautiful Nicaraguan spice that can be found in other cigars, but none of those match the quality of tobacco or construction that the Padron family has built.  With all of this being said the Padron 1964 45th Anniversary is an excellent, complex and consistent smoke earning it 8 out of 10 points.

Padron Company Website

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