Looking for a new, reputable place to buy your non-Cuban cigars? We are going to take a long, hard look at Neptune Cigars as a retailer to see if they are a reputable, worthy place to spend your money and time on.

We will take a look at what the company is and what they do, the unique aspects of their business, their pricing scale, public perception of the business (other reviews), how it compares to other similar companies, as well as a full summary of our thoughts.

In addition to these features, we will also spend some considerable time on their website to get a feel for what their regular customers experience while shopping with them. Let’s get started.

What are Neptune Cigars?

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Neptune Cigars is an online retailer for non-Cuban cigars, and they also have a few physical stores in Fort Lauderdale, Little Havana, and South Miami – all in Florida, as well. The company started in 1999 and had been going strong ever since. They advertise having very low prices, a vast selection of high-quality cigars, and wonderful customer service.

You can purchase of course cigars, samplers if you want more of a variety, accessories, and humidors.

The site also offers a decent number of tutorials on how to store your cigars, as well as ones on lighters, ashtrays, cutters, and on cigars in general. If you are brand new to purchasing cigars, this is a fantastic place to learn more about how to use any tools involved and how to smoke properly and safely.

They also have a rewards program, allowing you to earn points on any products you purchase from them. Returning items through them is said to be fairly easy as well. As long as it’s done within thirty days, you have a money back guarantee too. The site they have is secure, giving you peace of mind and ease while you shop online.

The site offers some great shipping options as well.

They ship anywhere in the United States, including military bases all over the world.

If you’re ordering in North America, you also have a vast number of options for shipping prices and speed. You can choose standard shipping, which is, of course, dependent on the post office. Other options are UPS ground (1-5 days), UPS priority mail (2 days), UPS second day air (2 days), UPS next day air (next business day), and express mail (guaranteed next day shipping to most locations).

In addition to that, they have a full, detailed international shipping policy that includes a huge list of countries they can ship to and the steps they need you to take to ensure safe, secure shipping and delivery.

Neptune Cigars is able to ship to: Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, British Virgin Islands, Denmark, France, Guam, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and the US Virgin Islands.

If you are ordering products and having them shipped to a foreign address, there are a few additional steps the company will need to take. They will first verify the billing address, as they will only ship to that address, then they will most likely verify a photo ID. After that, Neptune Cigars makes sure to have a valid telephone number and email for you. This is so that they can contact you directly for order processing.

What Makes Neptune Cigars Unique? 

One aspect that makes this company stand out is the fact that they specialize in cigars that are not Cuban. So if you are more partial to products from other countries, this is a good choice.

Unlike a lot of other cigar websites out there that are difficult to use and even harmful to your wallet or computer. This site is very easy to use and navigate through.

They are also very transparent about what they are selling, their prices, and the safety of their site. This is a fantastic and necessary quality in any online retailer you plan on using. Neptune Cigars is completely secure. They allow you to provide them with credit card information and shipping information without any worry.

Another aspect that is not unique to the business, but something that you don’t always see, is their customer service. It is raved about by their customers and other sites talk about them.


The site frequently mentions that they have the lowest prices out there. They will even price match to any other retailers offering the same products.

Taking a look at the pricing on the website, we found that to be true.

For their new products, we saw savings of $10, $20, 30 dollars on every single product we looked at. Looking at other retailers that sell the same products, there was truly no comparison between the two. Neptune Cigars had the most bang for their buck. They also had a huge variety of high-end products, not just cigars and items that you would expect to be cheap anyway.

Additionally, they have big brand names and newer products advertised on the site. Then they also have a section for overstocked items, cigars, and products that were hugely discounted, and closeout sales as well.

If you are looking for discounted items on their site, it is called Cigars @ Cost. Moreover, it is listed under the Cigars tab at the top of the page. This portion of the website is a treasure trove full of thousands of products being sold at lower prices than you can find anywhere else. You can also find items that may have gone out of stock or stopped being made on here too.

Public Perception (Other Neptune Cigar Reviews) 

The reviews for this retailer are overwhelmingly positive. However, to make sure we include all views, we will have a separate section for both positive and negative thoughts.

The Positives

The first aspect of this company that is mentioned and praised almost constantly in online reviews is simply the convenience and ease of navigation on the Neptune Cigar website.

There are no offensive, distracting, or misleading ads to take visitors away from the shopping experience. Most importantly, the site is completely secure. Your personal and card information is safe on there.

Neptune Cigar also has very handy, helpful tabs at the top of the page to organize everything in a way that the user has no difficulty finding any product they need. Their site is very transparent as well. The customer is never left wondering what their policies are on shipping, pricing, or storing their card information. Plus, their Contact Us page is filled with different ways to get in touch with them if necessary.

Another positive that was mentioned in a decent amount of their reviews was their willingness and politeness when assisting non-US customers with getting their products shipped out. Many reviews mentioned the fact that this was one of the only companies in the United States that would ship to their country. Many also were very happy with actually receiving their package in a timely manner.

Additionally, the company’s shipping process was very efficient. Many reviews mentioned specifically that the actual cigars came in perfect shape when they arrived.

Customers stated that when they came in, nothing was dry and needed to be placed in a humidor after being shipped.

Having brands that are incredibly hard to find or aren’t in stock anymore was also a big upside mentioned. Reviewers were raving about the fact that they could find obscure cigars and other products at rock bottom prices. Some mentioned that they found things they didn’t think were being made anymore.

The prices, in general, were brought up quite a bit as a positive. Cigar enthusiasts that buy from many different retailers both online and in person had nothing but compliments for how low the prices were. There were also many comments on the price matching. They say that no matter what they compared and how low they found a product selling for – Neptune Cigars matched it for them.

The last positive we saw in a huge variety of reviews was the praise for the rewards program the company offers. You have the ability to earn points on anything you buy from the business. They then offer great deals for you to use your points later on. These are just two of the main things a lot of customers go to Neptune Cigars for.

The Negatives

Overall, we had a very hard time finding any overly negative reviews of the Neptune Cigars store. This is in both the online and in-person options.

The only complaints we saw seemed to be misunderstandings that the company commented on. However, they were repaired for the customer once they were made aware of it. Those were just simple things like issues with a gift card or having a cigar that came in less than perfect condition.

Other than those simple grievances that were all solved once the company got involved, we did not see any real negative comments from customers or other businesses about Neptune Cigars.

How It Compares with Other Retailers

Compared to other reputable cigar retailers online, this company still has a lot of positives that can’t be overlooked.

As far as pricing goes, we were not able to find any other company that compared to how low Neptune Cigars were. Especially if you are looking at their web page with markdowns.

They have an enormous selection of cigars that are on sale or not being sold anywhere else. However, even their brand new cigars offer fantastic prices that you would otherwise have a difficult time purchasing on any other online store.

For variety, the company was also pretty ahead, at least as far as non-Cuban cigars are concerned. If you are looking for Cuban cigars, you will have to purchase them elsewhere.

Other sites that were similar in website quality included Famous Smoke Shop, Cigars International, and JR Cigar.

What We Think

To conclude, we think that this is an online retailer that is absolutely worth your time. Between the fast, reliable, safe shipping, the vast number of products they offer, the incredibly low prices, and stellar customer service. Why wouldn’t you try them out?

If a company has an undesirable feature or quality about them, the internet is sure to bring that to light. The lack of angry or negative reviews is very telling of the high quality of their products, employees, and online presence. Any negativity mentioned on the website or their social media pages had been rectified by the management. Which left the customers feeling satisfied.

If you haven’t ordered from Neptune Cigars yet, are you planning on doing so in the future? If you have used them before – either online or in person – what are your thoughts?

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