Altadis USA’s Montecristo Social Club lifestyle website has grown to 45,000 members in record time after launching in 2011. Membership to the club is free. Articles on the site include anything related to the premium cigar lifestyle. Members can discover everything from how to perfectly stock their home bar, to tips and tricks for the financial world, to greatest sports moments, and much more.

With over 500 articles on the site it is one of the largest of its kind with an average of four new articles posted every week. Members can create groups on the site around similar interests. A new forum section has also been added to allow members to interact even more.

Membership includes a special VIP pass granting special access to Big Smoke Las Vegas type events and offers from participating cigar lounges around the country. Members also receive a special gift mailed to them when they sign up. Another benefit to membership in the Montecristo Social Club is your own personal digital humidor.

The Personal digital humidor allows you to organize your thoughts and information on each cigar you smoke. It is not limited to brands from Altadis USA. This is a great way to keep track of what your favorite cigars are and access the info from anywhere.

The cigar related articles from Montecristo Social Club focus on cigar events, education and reviews of cigars and accessories. The cigar education section is fantastic. It covers everything from creative ways to repair a cigar to suggested cigar books and why you should check out your local tobacconist. This is one of the most through cigar education resources available on the internet.

The news section on the site is geared toward entertainment news cigar smokers will be interested in. The articles cover a wide range of topics from car racing to grilling. This section is interesting reading. Be Sure to check out the curiosities section under new for off the wall articles including a personal submarine buyer’s guide.

The Montecristo Social Club website also runs great contests. Currently they are running a contest to win 1,875 Romeo y Julieta cigars valued at over $10,000. The contests are very easy to enter and you can enter every day. The contests change often.

The newest addition to the Montecristo Social Club website is the forum section. Members can login and post to categories that include Cigar Talk, Food and Drink and a section for “Everything Else.” Cigar forums are extremely popular online. It will be interesting to see how long it takes this forum to gain traction. With 45,000 plus members it probably won’t take long.

The Montecristo Social Club website also features a section for events at local tobacconists. Local cigar events are a great way to meet other cigar smokers and learn about new blends from the manufacturer’s rep’s hosting the events at your local cigar shop. Buy local and support your local cigar shop. Without them the cigar industry would not be what it is today.

Overall we highly recommend checking out the Montecristo Social Club website. It is a fantastic resource for cigar knowledge and interesting reading. Sign up as a member today!

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