Everyone in the cigar world is familiar with the iconic Macanudo cigar brand. For many people this was the first cigar they tried. Macanudo is always one of the top selling brands in the US. In recent years the Macanudo brand has been extended into medium to full body cigars to complement the smooth mild Macanudo Cafe. It has been very common in the past for people to start with Macanudo Cafe as a sort of gateway cigar and then move on to other brands and blends as their palate develops. General Cigar is making a strong effort to keep people smoking the Macanudo brand even when they are looking for medium to full body cigars.

Macanudo Inspirado Black

The Macanudo Inspirado Black is a new release for 2016.

Blend info: 

Wrapper: USA, Habano Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic (La Vega Especial)

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

This cigar was originally created for international markets according to General Cigar. The flavor profile is bold and full flavored. This cigar is an internet and catalog exclusive.

Macanudo Inspirado Orange

The Macanudo Inspirado Orange is another International release coming to the US for 2016.

Blend Info:

Wrapper: Honduras, Olancho San Agustin

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua

An earthy, complex smoke different from anything else in the Macanudo portfolio. This blend is a brick and mortar exclusive not available online.

General Cigar is experimenting with new seed varieties to develop proprietary new wrapper and binder tobaccos. These new tobaccos have already been used in the CAO Flathead Steelhorse and the Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica Limited editions. It will be interesting to see what effects the new FDA rules have on these programs.

General cigar is also on the hunt for rare tobaccos. Ernest Gocaj, General Cigars director of tobacco procurement is referred to as the “Indiana Jones of the premium cigar business.”

Macanudo Mao

According to General Cigar Co. the Macanudo brand is constantly evolving. They want to make a Macanudo blend for all cigar smokers. The Macanudo Mao is a taste of vintage Dominican Tobacco. This is a concept new to hand made cigars. The Macanudo Mao is made with heirloom Dominican tobacco seeds from the 1960’s. The seeds went through regeneration. This is the first I have heard of this. What does regeneration mean?

This blend has been years in the making. The regeneration process started in 2012 with 17 seed types. The most flavorful was chosen.


Seeds were grown in Connecticut and then bred again in Mao, Dominican Republic over four years the seeds improved in leaf shape and color, yield, combustibility and resistance to disease. The flavor of the tobacco remained the same.

What is coming from General Cigar Co.?

General Cigar Co. is experimenting with new seed varieties. Their focus is on creating entirely new and proprietary wrapper and filler tobacco. This seems to be a trend from the big cigar industry players. Hopefully this won’t be killed by the new FDA Rules on Premium Cigars.

Rare tobacco is a key part of General Cigar Co.’s innovation program. They are in search of rare small batch tobacco from all over the world. CAO Amazon Basin was a very successful cigar from this program. New Releases are coming with tobacco from Colombia and Ecuador. General’s team of Agronomists focus on things the consumer does not see. Leaf quality, yield, reducing fertilizer on the leaf etc. These things greatly improve their cigars.

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