This is one of the best resources out there for pipe smoking beginners. So far we have only seen it in print. This comes courtesy of Savinelli and Laudisi distribution group. They distribute this guide to brick and mortar retailers across the country.

How to Pack Your New Savinelli Pipe

Step 1

Loosely, fill the bowl to the top of the rim. Then tamp it down with a pipe tamper, your thumb, or forefinger. Your pipe should be about half way to two-thirds filled depending on the shape of the chamber.

How to Pack and light your Savinelli pipeStep 2

Repeat step one. After you have tamped down, the chamber should be three-quarters filled.

Step 3

Repeat one last time. When you are done, the pipe she be snuggly packed to just below the pipe’s rim.

How to Light

Step 1

Put the button between your lips and apply flame a circular motion across the entire surface area of the tobacco while puffing shallowly on the pipe. This movie is often called the charring light or false light.

Step 2

After the false light, take a moment to tamp (gently) back down the charred tobacco. Then light again, this time in the center of the bowl, puffing as you go.

Czech Tool and Tampers

Tampers come in all shapes and sizes. The Czech tool is a good starter tamper – it’s inexpensive and multi-purpose.


If Your Pipe Keeps Going OutHow to smoke a pipe part 2

You may have packed it to tight. If that is the case dump it out and start over. On the other hand, the pipe tobacco might be to wet. The desired moisture level of the tobacco is a matter of personal preference.

You’ll have to do some experimenting to learn what works best for you. You may even learn that some of your favorite blends need to sit out and dry before they were packed. That’s just part of the personal art of pipe smoking that can’t be learned on the internet.

Tongue Bite

Just like it sounds. Maybe the tobacco is to wet. Maybe it’s to dry. The tobacco might have been packed to tight. In any event,  your tongue is telling you to knock it off. Put the pipe down and try again later. Trust us.

Remember take it slow!

Puff Your Savinelli Pipe Gently and Steadily

Puff your pipe slowly and steadily. That said, with experience you will find your own smoking cadence – this is another aspect of the art that is learned and highly personal. Also, keep in mind that some blends are going to smoke perfectly all the way down to the bottom of the bowl. But then some blends may begin to taste harsh, or acrid, or just plain nasty by the time you get to the bottom quarter of the bowl, If towards the end of a bowl, you are  finding you are having to relight over and over again, usually this means you’re done, whether you’ve smoked every last bit of the tobacco or not.

Cake is Good!

Breaking in a pipe means smoking it until you understand how it smokes.

Every pipe is different, and every pipe takes time to get to know. As you learn your pipe by way of smoking it, the tobacco chamber will slowly develop a thin layer of carbon residue (called cake) that will act to protect the chamber and season your pipe.

How to smoke a pipe part 3Be Nice: Don’t Bang Your Pipe

Be gentle with your pipe. Don’t nag it against hard stuff. If you have to beat your pipe against something to get your tobacco out do it gently, and hold by the bowl rather than the shank or mouthpiece to do so.

Pipes Love Pipe Pipe Cleaners

Run a pipe cleaner after a smoke to keep it clean. Do this regularly and the pipe won’t taste nasty later. Run a pipe cleaner through the pipe while you are smoking to collect the unwanted moisture that might accumulate during a smoke. (Yes that happens.)

Remember hot pipes are not as tasty!

Relax and Enjoy Your Smoke from the first puff to the last…

Care for you pipe. Your Savinelli pipe is not invincible

Remember Never Separate the stem from the shank while hot!

Take Care of Your Tenon

Pipes are pretty sturdy. But the weakest point of most any pipe is the tenon. So if you go banging your pipe around and it breaks, nine times out of ten the tenon snapped off into the shank. Also the shape of a tenon can warp if you remove its snug fit from the shank while it is hot, which can result in loose fitting mouthpiece. Our advice is to not remove the mouthpiece from the briar while it is hot.

Be Good to your BowlHow to smoke a pipe part 4

Again, bowl cake seasons and protects. A good cake will impart flavors from past smokes (in a good way), and will help to control the moisture level of the whole pipe. To much cake is bad though. Carbon is strong and an unwieldy cake can compromise the strength of the briar, causing the bowl to become prone to fissures and or cracks. Use a reamer to keep cake width to that of about a dime. To keep the outside of the pipe lustrous and shiny use a Savinelli Magic Cloth.

Keep Your Shank Clean

When your pipe is cold, from time to time, remove the stem from the briar and give the internals a good scrubbing with bristle pipe cleaners to remove the kind of gunk that will make the pipe taste nasty should it build up.

Remember using a pipe reamer will keep cake to an even thickness.


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