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Oscar Habano, the new cigar from Oscar Valladares, famous for the Leaf by Oscar Cigars, is off to a great start. It’s incredibly smooth with lots of flavor and packs in a big vanilla taste. The Swamp Thang by Drew Estate has a red, peppery chili flavor to it, almost like smoking a chili powder. Another interesting new cigar is the Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig which is fuller bodied than the regular Liga Privada T52s. The Flying Pig is starting to prove itself a bestseller as it’s mostly off the shelves within an hour.

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La Palina TAA | The Oscar | Senorial | Steve Saka | Cigar Cafe Radio

I’m Lane. I’m hanging out with Harris and Sean. What’s up guys?

What’s shaken?

It seems like it’s been a little while since we’ve all three sort of.

It is like reunion episode. I liked it. I’ve been able to have a couple IPCPR cigars. Thank you very much guys. I appreciate the gifts. It’s been cool. I mean football’s here. The kids are playing. College starts this weekend. It’s an exciting time for sports fans. What are you guys smoking now? What are you guys doing? How’s it going? How’s business? What’s going on?

Are you smoking anything now?

I am trying to find the name of what I’m smoking. It’s the new cigar from Oscar Valladares who is famous for the Leaf by Oscar cigars. I’m pulling it out, but I can’t quite find the name of it. It’s pretty cool though because he put a candela wrapper leaf on the cigar, but he left the top inch of the cigar exposed, so you got a green wrapper leaf and a dark kind of rich looking cigar underneath and there’s no band on it. Then the box is a really cool. They’re made out of actual cigar presses that at his factory they routed out the inside and made the area for the cigars and then put hinges on it. It’s really very creative.

You’re smoking it now? How is the candela wrapper? I had the swamp thing is it called?


The swamp thing and it was a very, very different-flavored cigar for me. I think I may have even told you that. It was like smoking a chili powder. It had a weird red, peppery chili flavor to it.


Yeah. Different though. I’ve never smoked a cigar that tasted quite like that. When I smoked it again, maybe if you threw another one in the care package, of course. Is this something I would smoke all the time? Probably not.

A little too out there for you.

I thought that cigar was super mild at the Trade Show, but smoking ten cigars a day, it skews your palate. I think I still have one in my humidor. I want to go back and smoke it after you were talking about that

You were talking about something this week that you smoked at the Trade Show and then you smoked it here and it was just totally different you thought because you have had ten cigars that day.

I smoked two of the Davidoff Yamasá I think.

Yes. I too had one so we can compare notes.

I got the same thing. I thought it was a little more intense than Davidoff tends to be and they had it paired with that sweet drink and I think that skewed my palate at the Trade Show too. I came back, I smoked the Robusto first and then I smoked the Toro. The Robusto was significantly spicier than the Toro was, but they both had more pronounced spice than I remember them having at the show. The Toro did round out with some of the sweetness and stuff that I thought I’d remembered because we talked about it being along the lines of the Nicaragua, but still having some of those Escurio notes in it because Davidoff was really trying to add some nuances to the blend.

There was more to it with them being the only two cigars that I smoked that day. I don’t think I’ve smoked cigars since then actually until right now.

CCP 053 | La Palina TAA
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La Palina TAA: The Robusto was significantly spicier than the Toro was, but they both had more pronounced spice than I remember them.

I’ve got another one in the humidor, so I want to smoke another one. I did not like it near as much as I did the Escurio or the Nicaragua. It took a little while to get going for me. I want to say third inch and a half or something like that. It was chewy. I felt like soy sauce. It was weird. Then it got into that cream passed that first 30, it settled down a little bit. It was a weird smoke for me. Not as pleasant. The Escurio has that citrus zing to it, which I really like. This Yamasá, it wasn’t like, “That’s interesting and cool interesting.” It was just interesting. Does that make sense? I didn’t dislike it but it didn’t wow me.

You say you’re hip to their tricks.

I think so, maybe. I did have one that I have to tell you and I think I told you, Lane. You threw in a Macanudo MAO Maduro. Maybe you want to edit this out, I hated it. I just hated it.

It’s like a retail $20 cigar. I smoked one too. I thought it was okay, but not $20.

Is that really a $20 cigar?

Yeah. I think $18 to $20 range.

That is insane to me. It did nothing special at all. It was not special to me in any spot smoking it. I guess I expected more and it was okay.

I smoked and interesting new cigar this week, the Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig.

Where are you keeping them?

They sold out in like an hour and actually randomly a customer gave me one, which is funny. I smoked it with them and it was different. It was a lot different than the regular T52 to me, even though it’s supposed to be pretty much the same blend.

I felt the same thing about the Stalk Cut. It’s muted.

Yeah. It didn’t seem as complex. It was still really good. I think they’ll sell fast whenever we get them.

You think it was milder?

If anything, I thought it might have been a little stronger, but it just to me the regular Liga Privada T52s are just so complex and good. It was just a different experience. It didn’t seem like it changed as much. It was just more full-bodied. It’s a pretty small cigar. It’s not the Feral Flying Pig size. It’s the little Flying Pig size.

What’s that? Like the short story size?

Yeah, but bigger ring gauge basically. It’s a pretty good size ring gauge.

Since the IPCPR, what have you been getting in the shop? Obviously the Flying Pig flew off the shelf.

We got that in the number nine blend and the T52 blend.

Both of them gone?

Already gone. They didn’t send much unfortunately. Those are still going to be few and far between I think but let’s see. Other new things, we’re starting to see some things trickle in. We got a big shipment from Rocky Patel with their new Catch 22 Connecticut blends, the $5 to $6 range Connecticut which probably will be pretty popular based on the price. We got a new also from them, two new blends from the platinum line. Rocky Patel Platinum in a Habano wrapper. They’re calling it a Limited Edition. It’s different than the original Platinum.

How about Caldwell?

We haven’t seen anything show up from Caldwell yet. Even our regular cigars haven’t made it here, so it was probably getting to the point where I need to call them and see if there’s a reason for that.

That’s been all over Scandinavia the last week and a half. I’ve been watching him on Facebook and hating.

He’s all over the place.

Good for him. God bless him. He says he goes to Europe once a month or something like that. It’s always for work and he flies into Zurich or I remember what he said, Barcelona. He flies in and sets up his base of operations and then he goes wherever he needs to go and eventually flies back into Miami and does his thing over here. Owning a cigar company sure does suck, doesn’t it?

Rough life.

It’s thug life, #ItsBad. It sucks. We feel really bad for him.

This Oscar Habano is the name of the cigar I was talking. I finally found the actual name from Oscar Valladares. It is really off to a great start. It’s incredibly smooth, but with lot and lots of flavor. Almost a big vanilla tastes to me. Just different. Very different. I’m still about an inch, half an inch into it. I’m really liking it so far.

I’m smoking a more traditional cigar. I’ve got La Palina’s TAA release this year. It is very mild and very smooth. It’s got a little bit of cream, some hay, some natural tobacco and there’s something bitter on the back end that I can’t quite make out. It’s a very, very easy to smoke cigar though. It’s outside of where my palate hangs out. It’s outside of my zone. This is a cigar that I think you could give just about anybody. This is $10 or $11 or something like that.

Yeah. I think $10.99.

I picked it up because I want that El Ano 1896 Oscuro that they are shipping this month to get here. I want to smoke one of theirs so that they’ll send us out.

Speaking of that, I got to get a hold of Mr. Newman because I need my care package pretty bad. I’m not going to let him forget about me. That gives me some something to think about.

Text me your address and I’ll send it. I’m sure I’ll follow up with him on it.

Do you have to sit out in front of Harris’ store to make sure that you get the stuff that’s coming in. You have to go, “Harris, I’m coming by, man. I want a couple of T52s.”

CCP 053 | La Palina TAA
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La Palina TAA: The La Palina’s TAA release this year; it is very mild and very smooth. It’s got a little bit of cream, some hay, some natural tobacco.

We have people walk in just say to us like, “Give me all.”


He’s going to have the No. 9s, he’s going to have the T52s. They’re going to be in stock almost all of the time, but when the different sizes and all the Unicos come in, bye. They’re done in minutes sometimes.

You’ll have someone come in and buy them all?

They’re also in small boxes. It’s a ten-count or twelve-count box on the Unicos. Some of those we get two boxes a year of. They’re just incredibly rare. Unlike the CPR, they actually let us place orders for the T52 and the No. 9 Pigs, which they normally never even let you order. They’re just allocated. I just ordered. I’ll put down 25 boxes each one just for the sake because I know they won’t send.

You know, they won’t send you 25 boxes.

They sent three of each. I should have put a hundred down.

Maybe you’d have gotten six or nine.

Yeah. I don’t know how they calculate any of that.

If I had the money, I’d do it.

If it were a 25 count box, probably people would slow it down some.

How about Dunbarton? Is that coming in?

I’m glad you mentioned that. They aren’t here yet, but they should be showing up in the next couple of days. The Mi Querida and the Sobremesa, the original release. There are a couple other blends we’ve ordered that I think are shipping later in the year.

I spoke to Mi Querida here. At the show, I really liked the Short Churchill of that Sobremesa though. It was a smaller Mottola. It’s like a 4 by 46 or something like that. It’s not big, but it still had all that Sobremesa Steve Saka flavor packed into that little tiny cigar. The Steve Saka juice, it did.

That should be a hashtag.


I like that. That tasted really good.

Don’t Google that.

I do not want to do that, but we could put that on Twitter and get a nice little following for Steve Saka juice.

He would probably appreciate that.

Have you gotten the Senorial Maduro yet?

Yes. That is another one that just showed up. Senorial Maduro and the Freyja cigars that his wife blended.

I liked them both.

Both are just here. I thought Senorial Maduro was a really great new cigar.

I think Lane said the same thing. I think he loved it too. I’m a big Senorial fan.

As far as just blends go that Senorial Maduro and the Mi Querida are two of the favorite ones that I’ve smoked out of the entire Trade Show at this point. They both managed to pack a whole lot of flavor into the stick. They’re both very well-balanced. It’s easy to cram a lot of flavor into something and get something where the spice overpowers the sweet or the bitter or something like that. These are really complete cigars where the experience start to finish is just really enjoyable.

That’s the type of cigar that I try to explain it to people where even like my father, he’s like, “What do you think of that cigar?” I’m like, “It’s good and it’s really well-balanced.”He’s like, “Do you like it?” I’m like, “I do. It’s not my favorite, but I really enjoyed it.” I don’t think he quite understands that concept of like, “It may not be right in my sweet spot of a flavor profile, but it’s so balanced that it’s just really good.” You know what I mean?

There are a whole lot of good cigars on the market and a cigar can be very flat in one dimension and still taste good, but these cigars are not that. These cigars taste good and they shift and they add in flow. You’re going to get dominant flavors that change up every sometimes from draw to draw and it’s a work of art.

CCP 053 | La Palina TAA
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La Palina TAA: Cigar smoking is just as complex as having a good bottle of wine. Just as good.

I agree with you. I tell people all the time, “It’s like wine.” They don’t ever believe me. I’m like, “Cigar smoking is just as complex as having a good bottle of wine.” Just as good.

So many similarities to wine.

We know we’ve got starting tonight.

College football, right?

Benedict South Carolina’s tonight. Central Michigan and somebody else is the first game.

It’s always a Math game on Thursday.

Appalachian State and Tennessee is tonight on the SEC network.

Before I’m going to lose this, has anyone watched the Last Chance U yet on Netflix?

I haven’t seen it.

I’ve heard it’s incredible.

Do yourself a favor. Tell your wife you’re not going to be around because she probably won’t like it.

Mine will.

Will she really?


That’s the one about Auburn’s quarterback. He’s on there.

It is insane. It is about Eastern Mississippi Community College in Scooba, Mississippi.

That’s where they rehab the guys with the image problems.

They do. It is absolutely out of control. The coach is a nut, which is fantastic. They make no bones about trying to absolutely destroy every team they play. They will ring 70 on your ass if they can. It’s just about how they’re trying to rehab these kids and they do seriously try to do it, but it is amazing to me how much talent slips through the cracks or I shouldn’t even say slips through the cracks, but these kids let their talent go. You’ve lived impoverished your whole life. You’ve got this incredible gift of athletic ability. You can clearly play and yet you refuse to go to class and you know, it’s just two years of your life. You can go pro. Just play until you don’t have to go to school anymore and yet they can’t get them to go to class. They can’t get them to do it. You’re going to be like, “Please just go.” They won’t do it.

I haven’t seen the show, but so many of the guys make it out of there. Do they have a lot that don’t?

There are more NFL players out of that school than in any Division I school in the country. How about that? There are more NFL players that have come through that school that are playing in the NFL currently than any Division I school in the country.

What positions are these guys playing?

Everything. It’s a big quarterback school. In the beginning, the very first episode though, they’ll run you through how many quarterbacks have gone through there and you’ll be like, “Holy shit. I can’t believe that there’s that many that have gone through there.”They show a flip side. They show how many kids get out, how many kids get scholarships and then how many kids just fade away because they won’t go to school and it’s really unfortunate. I’ll tell you what, this town is crazy over there. This community college has like different uniforms every game. They’ll get like their top four or five players and they’ll come out, try on a uniform, walk in like in all their shit, all their stuff, and then they get to pick which uniform they’re going to come and go out to that weekend. It’s bad ass.

Is that because they’re sponsored by like Nike or something?

I don’t know if they’re sponsored by Nike. I think that they have some big corporate sponsors. They’re the best dressed. It’s badass. There’s a fight at the end of the season that kept them from defending their three-time national title and it’s a shame because they really didn’t do anything. They didn’t start it, but they got booted from the Junior College National Title Tournament because of this fight. There were kids on the other team that we’re swinging in their helmets like weapons. It was insane. You are going to be like, ” I can’t believe somebody can get killed.”

How many episodes are there?

I want to say there are eight. They’re an hour a piece.

That’s the worst part about Netflix. The Geneva Conventions established that your average hour long TV show is only 41 minutes a content. We’ve been watching Bloodline at home and we’re in season two.

That is a freaking great show by the way.

It takes forever to watch one hour long episode because the dogs have to go outside. I have to stop in the middle of dinner to go put my plate up or get something to drink and every time something moves in the living room we have to pause it and stop watching it. It’s like, “It’s been six minutes.”

Honestly though, a great show, right?

It is. I think we did episode ten of season two last night. We’re almost caught up to the end but all I can figure right now is that everybody’s going to die.

After the first season, which I thought it was brilliant. I could not imagine how they could make season two as good or better and I think they’ve done a pretty nice job of making it damn near as good.

Have you finished season two yet?


I’ll probably talk to you next week because that’s probably about how long it’s going to take for us to finish it. We’re going to go to the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning and then be back in time for game day to start at either eight or nine in the morning and then football is going to be on my TV until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.

That’s fantastic. We’ve got football for the kids and I don’t think I told you this, but we lost our first regular season game in four years two weeks ago.

CCP 053 | La Palina TAA
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La Palina TAA: There are a whole lot of good cigars on the market and a cigar can be very flat in one dimension and still taste good.

That’s no fun.

It was no fun but we did play a team that had only one loss last year. Our League expanded to 22 teams last year. We took the best teams out of a conference called the Southwest Midget Conference in Chicago and they were the Southwest Midget Champs two years ago. These boys are now in seventh grade. They were champions as well. They have only lost a couple games in three or four years. It was a tough game. We didn’t play very well. We held them to 21 yards in the second half. They blocked, they punt and they recovered on the ninth. They scored from the nine. How about this, if you’re going to lose a game, this was the one to lose because it was a good team.

It’s the start of the season. These kids know they’re not invincible. There was a lot of coaching points to get. If you’re going to lose, this was one to lose because we were able to go back to the drawing board, especially on the offensive line and go guys, “This is what was happening. They were blitzing every gap. What do you do when you see a four-man front with blitzing linebackers blitzing here? What do you do at a five-man front and the linebackers are blitzing here. How about a six man?” We just went over it step by step where you go. We haven’t had to coach like that and since they were little, because you assume they know and they don’t. The basics are the key and so it was a neat thing to have to go back to the drawing board. It pissed me off when it happened, but there are good points to it.


It was a lot of fun.

They’ll come back angry this week.

We beat a team of twenty to nothing on a Sunday. We were angry.


We scrimmaged our rivals during the week and out of 25 plays, they had four yards. I think we scored seven touchdowns in the scrimmage and 25 plays on them, they had four yards on us. You think we’re pissed off? They played real mad. They were playing really mad. I was happy with that. That was cool. What are you guys going to do this weekend? Are you going to watch football all day too, Harris?

I’ll probably be fighting my kids for the TV, cartoons versus football, hopefully I can occupy them with something else, but yeah, I definitely will to watch the Auburn and Clemson game, a few other games.

Let me give you a little tip, multiple TVS.

My phone comes in handy. I’ll just give them the phone to watch.

I only have two, so it’s pretty cool. We have TVs upstairs and then we have the mail TV downstairs that happens to be 60-inch as well so we could literally turn the games on it. When college game day starts and Foot College Game Day on and watch it until it’s done.

That’s what we do every week.

That is special. You’ve got a special gal there. My wife, she loves to watch Quinn play, but other football, it’s like slaughtering cats on TV. That’s how averse she is to watching it.

Even when we were tailgating, we had the TV in the satellite and everything set up on the quad at Bama and when we weren’t either in the stadium or watching the Bama game there, we had some games that we were flipping between all day long and we’re set up at 6:00 in the morning.

What are the big games this week? There are a couple of big games. I know Texas and Notre Dame is going to be okay.

Yeah. How do you feel about that one?

There’s an underlying question that I think you have there.

There’s media coverage and it’s popular for ESPN to say, “LSU and Notre Dame and Clemson are on upset alert because they’ve got to pick so many teams that they’re going to say. If they name five teams around upset alert and they get one right, they call that a win. How do you feel about Texas Notre Dame?

I think that there’s been a ton of distractions in the last month that could really upend that team. Losing Max Redfield is not good. He’s certainly the best out of the kids that got booted out of there. I think they’re going to beat Texas. I don’t think Texas still has it. I don’t think they have enough yet, but again, they got their ass kicked last year so they’ve got something to play for. Texas, meaning Texas.

Auburn’s playing Clemson.

That’s a good game, right?

I don’t know, Clemson is pretty tough. I think we’ll know real fast how Auburn is looking. I think if they do come out good at quarterback, then they may at least make it a game.

I feel the same way about the Alabama USC game this weekend.

Alabama USC?

Correct, in Arlington. They’re playing in the Jerry dome.

That’s this weekend?

Yes. It’s Saturday at 7 PM I think.

They’re in the top 20.

That’s an interesting game.

Bama has a 10.5 point favor I think, which is not a blowout. I think that our strengths play okay to their weaknesses. I look at the start of this season and we’ve got USC, then we’ve got Western Kentucky and then we’ve got Ole Miss on the seventeenth. The scenario exists for Bama to go one and two.

Not going to happen.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but I am not currently prepared to talk shit.

Here’s the deal with USC. USC is one of those teams that someone asked me about a team in our league too and I liken them to that. They’ve got some game breakers that you may not match up very well. Our first game of the year, we played against a very, very, very good seventh grader. Probably one of the best in the league and he on one-on-one is like almost unstoppable. You can’t cover him really. At 5’ 6”, 118 pounds as a seventh grader. He is the State Champ in the 200. It means he’s a bad ass, but here’s the problem. If the quarterback is laying on his back, most of the game, not going to happen.

That’s what I’m hoping for at Ole Miss game. Not to go ahead and start looking too far ahead but I’m not on all the fields so I can look ahead.

For sure you can. I want to put angry hands on Chad Kelly.

I hate USC. We talked about the SEC. I’m softening. You guys are softening me up to them. I mean talking to you guys for the last couple years, I’m like, “I don’t hate him that much” and let’s face it, I really only hate them because they’re good. I always said it’s easy to like Alabama because they’re always good. I mean they just haven’t been bad in so long that it’s easy to get on the train. It’d be like being a Nebraska fan in the early ‘90s. That’s really tough for you to love them. I’ve gone through Notre Dame through some shit. I feel like I’m a fan.

I haven’t been an Alabama fan through some dark days.

How long were they dark though?

For a while.

Maybe in the early ‘90s?

Between ‘93 and ‘99, nothing really happened. There is that ‘99 SEC Championship game.

But then it was probation for years after that.

A lot of coaching changes.

Lots of coaches and then Nick Saban came.

He’s a decent coach. He’s all right. I have to say. Is there an outside shot that Michigan can get into the playoffs? I think there might be.I don’t know. I feel like Ohio state is really set up in the big ten to be able to run the table. If Michigan can beat Ohio State, I think they’ve got a shot.

Iowa was still very good. Their defense is going to be very tough. The only problem is they’re not sneaking up on anybody anymore and that means a lot.

We haven’t seen a minute play. I think that LSU is overrated this year.

I think they have talent but I don’t know that it’s going to congeal for them.

It happens. That’s the thing that I love most about what Urban Meyer and what Nick Saban do is that every year they get this tremendous turnover of talent. Alabama’s turnover in the last two years is ridiculous and yet they still managed to put all those kids on the field and still vie for a national title every year. That is the toughest thing to do because I know what it’s like to try to bring talent together where you’re like, you see them on paper and you go, man, are they good and then they get on the field and you’re like, “They’re not that good.” Having them mesh together I think it’s probably the toughest thing for a coach to do is to blend talent together.

What are you guys going to smoke this weekend? What’s on the docket for the weekend? I know what I’m going to rock, I think.

What are you going to smoke?

I’m going to smoke the Gurkha 21 Year and I’m going to smoke the Caldwell, is it All Out Kings?

It is.

I think I’m going to bust out those two off this weekend.

Let me know what you think about that one.

I’m going to have a big meal because you’ve told me that it’s a ball breaker.

It is. I enjoyed it. It does not have training wheels.

I’m a big Caldwell fan so I’m thinking that if I hear Caldwell, I hear something that has a king in it and I hear tobaccos that are in the La Liga Privada, I’m fucking in.

Realize, that cigar was the last cigar that I smoked at the show and I’m telling you that it was a powerhouse.

After you had ten that day.

It was the last cigar I smoked the last night of the show.

Harris, did you smoke one too?

I did at the same time.

It didn’t knock your dick off?

It was stout, especially after just so many cigars.

Immediately, like you light it on fire and it punches you in the teeth.

I may have to wait for that then. You may have convinced me not to have it this week.

No. Just smoke it. It’s good but just be ready.

Was it like the Camacho Triple Maduro?

Stronger I thought.

Yeah. Have you ever had the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Maduro?

I have not had that.

It is not a super Ligero. It’s not quite that much of a powerhouse.

I’m going to give it a shot.

It’s up there.

He brought 30 to the show, I got one of 30, I feel lucky. I’m going to smoke that son of a bitch and like it.

Who’d you get that cigar from?

I believe it was from you, Lane.

It was. I tried to get three out of him to begin with and he said, “No.”

I love that he said no.

He’s not in a good mood that night. I think he gave you more because it was the end of the show and he had had a really good show and sold a lot of cigars.

He did. He walked up to me and Harris and pulls a couple more out of his bag and I was just like, “You know what? I’ve got one in the room. Sean is going to have it. Time to set this one on fire?

No. I’m super thankful because he is one of my favorite cigar makers. I’m in. I love it.

Something interesting, I’m contemplating if I smoke this, this weekend or save it for the show just because it might be interesting. Kaizad Hansotia the owner of Gurkha gave me one of his HR cigars. His Majesty Royal Reserve I think is what it is. That’s the one that has a few ounces of LOUIS XIII Cognac in it. They sell them retail for $1,200 a cigar.

It’s got cognac and cocaine in it, right?

Something. Anyway, I was thinking about maybe doing that this weekend or saving it. I can’t decide. I don’t know what it’d be like. I don’t know anything about that one.

I don’t either.

Then I have a La Barba. I’m thinking about firing that one up too. I haven’t smoked that yet.

Which one was it? The La Barba what?

The Purple band.

You gave me the La Barbara Red and it was very, very good. I’m a big fan of it.

Caldwell is a distributing their cigars now.

I may smoke a Camacho Powerband and I’m trying to slowly work my way through to that crazy PDR sampler where they gave us one or two of everything. I have two of them. I’ve been staring at them for a couple of weeks now and it’s one of those things where I’m not sure if I want something that small at the time that I smoke it. It’s like that thing. I’m like, “How much cigar do I want? Does that make sense?”

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La Palina TAA: It’s one of those things where I’m not sure if I want something that small at the time that I smoke it.

I like that size. What do they call it? The Petite Corona or Corona Gorda or something like that. It’s like four a quarter by 56 or something like that. It’s a little stubby, fat cigar. It’s basically a nub.

I like that. They still burn pretty slow.

So far I smoked both of the AFR 75s.

That’s a hell of a cigar.

It really is.

I was like, “I know what this is but God I want it.”

Did you smoke the new one? The lighter brand? Lighter wrapper one.

There were two in there and I smoked both of them.

I’m glad we could finally make it on the podcast. I’ve got a couple more that I’m going to put up probably in a few minutes. Actually, I was in the process. It was nice to talk to you guys. It’s been a while. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the weekend.

See you, Sean.

See you.

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