J&R Cigars is an American online cigar and tobacco retail company.  J&R cigars is generally held to be one of the largest retail and wholesale cigar and tobacco operations in the United States.  J&R cigars carries the full range of cigar and tobacco products from five cent cigars to fifty dollar cigars, from ashtrays to t-shirts to lighters and every tobacco related product you can think of.

J&R Cigars Internet and Mail Order Premium Cigars

J&R cigars was originally a simple local retail operation in Manhattan.  J&R cigars has a classic mail order print catalog, but J&R cigars was on the cutting edge of the internet boom and was quick to establish a strong online retail cigar presence.  Today the bulk of J&R cigars business is done online at the J&R cigars website jrcigars.com.

Although most of J&R business is done online they have maintained a local retail presence as well.  J&R has three retail stores in North Carolina, two in New Jersey, one in Washington D.C., one in Detroit, Michigan and still has a store in Manhattan.  After tremendous success in the late 90s and early 2000s, J&R cigars was bought out by tobacco industry giant Altadis S.A. in 2003.  Today J&R is a subsidiary of Altadis.

J&R Cigars Website features

There are some key features of the J&R cigars website that set it apart from other online cigar retailers.  First of all they are the largest online retailer in America, which is mainly due to their extensive selection.  J&R carries everything.  If you can find it anywhere else, J&R probably has it.

J&R cigars  doesn’t discriminate between fancy high end cigars and cheap workingman’s cigars, they carry it all.  Another key feature of the J&R website is the deals.  J&R has such a good relationship with many of the world’s leading cigar brands, that they are able to get the best pricing and offer great deals to their customers.

J&R Cigar Website Deals

J&R cigars always has a weekly special and continually offers cigars in their “closeout corner” that are a real steal. J&R also offers J&R alternatives.  J&R alternatives are long filler hand made cigars made by some of the most well known brands in the world that are made more affordable because they are made without packaging.

J&R Cigar Website Auctions

J&R cigars has convinced companies like Arturo Fuente to make non branded non boxed non packaged cigars for J&R and sell them to J&R at a discounted price which is passed on to the smoker.  J&R also has a cigar auction available on their website where customers can bid on cigars and cigar bundles rather than settle for the set retail price.

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