Hello everyone and welcome to the latest weekly installment of the Cigar Café podcast. My name is Lane Oden and I’m joined by my co-host and owner of Cigars and More, Harris Saunders. Today we also have on the show our gracious host and Internet advisor, Sean Kavanaugh. If you’re a regular listener, we’d like to welcome you back caught our last episode, welcome back. And if this is your first time, we’re glad to have you join us too.

Hey Harris. Glad to be back in the shop today. How are you this afternoon?

Harris: Doing well. Its nice to have good weather in Birmingham this week.

Sean, how are things going in the great white north? (Chicago)

Sean: Still icy and frozen

Lane: Our winter seems to be over finally and we’ve moved directly into monsoon season here in Birmingham.

Java By Drew Estate Cigars infused cigarsIn case you aren’t a returning listener, we started this show to cover the cigar lifestyle. And, to us, that lifestyle revolves around enjoying the finer things in life with people you’re close to. We like to keep our episodes somewhere around the 30 minute mark. We like to actually light up a cigar for each episode though, so that means that we usually end up continuing our conversations, sometimes by as much as an hour or so, after the show is over.

Last week, after the show, we realized we had only covered very serious cigars. More traditional cigars by big names in the industry. And we know that while we may prefer a traditional cigar, that there’s certainly a market out there for both new and experienced smokers in the way of infused cigars with other flavors to make them sweeter and more flavorful.

So, in the spirit of not taking ourselves or our cigars too seriously, Harris, what are you smoking today?

How about you, Sean? Java Latte by Drew Estate

Harris: Acid Blondie Maduro by Drew Estate

Sales of Infused Cigars

Harris, you probably have the most exposure to buying trends in the cigar world, how many infused cigars would you say you sell over traditional cigars?

Harris: I would say infused cigars are 10-15% of of our premium cigar sales.

And do you notice that the customers buying those cigars are usually a certain age? Mostly men? Mostly women?

Harris: It is a much wider range of people than you may think. People who like non infused cigars are buying these as well for a change of pace.

I know Drew Estate has made quite a business of making a number of infused cigars. First with their Acid lines. Last week, I pitched the Drew Estate Java Mint as being an agreeable infused cigar for our lady listeners. I spent the weekend down at the beach and smoked a Java Mint with my wife. Thin Mint or Grasshopper cookie was definitely an on point description, Harris.

Tabak especial notes:

Drew Estate cannot be touched when it comes to top-caliber infused cigars with deliciously unique aromas. With Tabak Especial they’ve taken the coffee-infused cigar to bold new heights that thrill the taste buds. Jonathan Drew has carefully influenced Esteli-grown long-leaf tobaccos with the robust nuances of Nicaragua’s finest coffee beans. The result is a rich tobacco core layered with savory espresso notes and a touch of milk chocolate, all perfectly balanced by by a sweet, velvety aftertaste.

Acid notes: Herbal infusion, medium body infused cigars

Java Notes: Hint of coffee and sweet chocolate infused cigars

Cigar Lockers: This is a popular way to store your cigars at your local Brick and Mortar cigar shop. Commonly made out of high grade spanish cedar. Temperature and humidity are digitally controlled. Great easy no hassle way to store cigars and a bottle of your favorite bourbon, scotch etc.

Harris: 4 cigars to try this week

1.) a mild creamy cigar – Oliva Connecticut

2.) full bodied smoke La Palina Black

3.) For the adventurous (Maybe one that is off the beaten path that’s a bit exotic) – Viva Republica

4.) Something for the ladies – Acid Blondie

Lane: 4 cigars to try this week

  • Cain Nub Connecticut
  • Rocky Patel 15th
  • Drew Estate Java Maduro
  • Cojimar Senioritas Vanilla petit corona

Next Podcast: Old School Cigar Brands

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