Imperfect humidors are just like other “scratch and dent” furniture and appliances.  Buying imperfect humidors can be a way to save some money on your humidor purchase.

Will imperfect humidors effect the cigars?

The term imperfect means the piece has been damaged or is missing something.  Imperfect humidors are fully functioning humidors, but usually have some slight cosmetic issue.  Some examples of typical cosmetic issues you might find with imperfect humidors are, scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, marks, and nicks.

These types of damage typically occur during shipping and the imperfect humidors are either returned or never shipped to the intended buyer because of the damage.  Other imperfect humidors may be missing pieces like drawers, trays, dividers, keys or other nonessential pieces.

Some imperfect humidors have engraving on them or other customization.  Missing pieces and customizations may be signs that the imperfect humidors may have been previously used as a demo or display or just that the engraving was done incorrectly.

Often times the scratch or dent is not even visible as it is on the bottom, back or inside of the imperfect humidor.  Nonetheless, as cigars are prestige items, most companies will not sell their products except in perfect condition.

How to buy Imperfect Humidors?

So rather than throw them away they will sell them as imperfect humidors and sell indirectly through a scratch and dent distributor.  As

any imperfect humidors seller will make clear, the imperfections do not affect the integrity of the humidors and will not inhibit their proper functioning.

If the proper functioning of the humidor is affected it would be categorized as a broken humidor and would likely be discarded by the manufacturer.

Some online stores that offer imperfect humidors are and  To attest to the proper functioning of the imperfect humidors and ease any worries of potential but skeptical buyers, some distributors still guarantee their imperfect humidors with a warranty.

It is always preferable to get a picture or detailed description of the damage which is not very difficult with the abilities technologies gives us to take and send pictures.

The price difference will obviously vary given the extent of the cosmetic damage but here is an example from  The Elegant glass top humidor is normally $36.99 but they offer one of The Elegant glass tops among their imperfect humidors for $29.99.

That’s almost a 20% markdown.  And it still comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t get a picture beforehand, and you don’t like the scratch or dent you can send it back.

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