The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the members of AIGA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smoking History

Smoking has an undeniable place in the history of the modern world.  Tobacco is unique in history as one of the only inedible agricultural staple crops.  Tobacco smoking crosses cultural and geographical boundaries and always has.

But, in recent years, smoking tobacco has become a public taboo as more information has come out linking tobacco use to many various health problems.  The fact that smoking tobacco not only affects the smoker himself but also second hand inhalers or the smoke has caused many state and local governments to ban smoking in public places such as restaurants and coffee shops.

Public Smoking Ban Backlash

This ban on public smoking has irked many smokers.  Because the political value of public smoking is almost non existent, yet many smokers want to be able to enjoy a smoke after dinner or with coffee or a drink at a bar, innovation was in order.

E-cigarette Innovation

The product of such innovation is the electronic smoke.  There are some new electronic smoking devices out today that allow a smoker to get the look, feel and experience of smoking while not disturbing those around them.

Electronic smoking devices are shaped like cigars or cigarettes, but they don’t produce any smoke.  The electronic device produces an inhalable water vapor that has a similar physical sensation and appearance of a cigarette or cigar along with the flavor and usually the nicotine stimulation of a normal smoking device.

Some non-nicotine versions are available for those who are trying to use the electronic smoke to quit smoking.  However, as it stands today, electronic smoking devices are not linked with any of the dangerous health effects of classic tobacco smoking.

Any association between the electronic smoking and health problems is at least less than that of classic smoking devices.  Additionally, there is no tooth decay and no stinky clothes and hair.

How E-cigarettes work

The electronic smoking devices use heat or ultrasonics to vaporize a solution into an aerosol like mist that is inhaled.  The vapor is similar to that created by a humidifier.  The electronic smoking devices are usually battery powered.

Electronic smoking devices are able to use variable versions of refills with different flavors and nicotine levels.  The industry is so new that there is little research available on the true effects of the electronic devices.

The electronic smoking devices are also enjoying a period of high popularity and low regulation because they are so new.  Given the political clout of big tobacco, it is doubtful the regulatory lenience will last.

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