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Cigar holders are a not so commonly used accessory – though historically they have been more popular at times than they are today. Many famous cigar smokers used these – including Calvin Coolidge and Winston Churchill, who can clearly be seen using them in several photos.

The purpose of a cigar holder can vary. Some use them for health benefits claiming there is less risk of negative health effects of cigar smoking this way. Others prefer the cleaner experience of never having the wet tobacco wrapper touch their mouth directly.

Moreover, some even use them simply for style and fashion purposes. Regardless of your reasoning, in this guide, we will show you several options you have to use household items as a cigar holder.

In addition to the generalized reasoning, many cigar smokers employ a cigar holder while doing one of the activities that goes best with a nice cigar – golfing. Golfers often need to carry lots of equipment with them leaving their hands too tied up to attend to a cigar extensively. A cigar holder allows them to play around and smoke a stogie with ease.

Similar to the cigarette holder that gained prominence across Europe with female cigarette smokers and in the early 1900’s in the U.S., a cigar holder is an accessory that is affixed to the butt of the cigar and is a way to more easily handle the lit smoke.

A DIY Cigar Holder is Available Right Away – Perfect for Times When You’re in a Pinch

You can certainly purchase cigar holders in every style, size and price range, but sometimes you need something right away. That’s what these solutions are for.

Binder Clip

binder clips diy cigar holder

Image: CC0 Public Domain, Petr Kratochvil via

Yup, a binder clip. That’s our first suggestion for you as most people can dig in their “junk drawer” and find at least one of these – probably many more.

Binder clips are those large black clips for big stacks of paper that have metal clips on each end. They come in tons of different sizes ranging from very small to big enough for a large cigar. This option will definitely work better for smaller cigars, however, because you run the risk of crushing the smoke if it is larger.

Just clip one of these on the end of your cigar, making sure not to crush it, and you now have a convenient way to handle your cigar. You can even set it down on the table, whether it be the dining table or the poker table.


diy cigar holder. colorful paper

CC0 Public Domain, Soorelis via

If you were thinking about jerry-rigging a cigar holder, making your own out of paper might be the last thing you would consider. However, the original cigar holders were often paper cones with a small plastic or metal mouthpiece.

Using a small square of paper, this practice could easily be replicated at home. We advise not using tape or glue however as this could taint the taste of your cigar.

A Pipe

cob pipe diy cigar holder

CC BY-SA 2.0, Joe Haupt via

If you enjoy smoking tobacco in all forms, you may have a pipe laying around the house.

While this is not an option for holding your entire cigar, we felt because of the prominence of this practice, we should include it.

For years now, cigar smokers have finished the butt of their cigar in a pipe. The most preferred pipe for cigar smokers looking to finish the nub of their cigar is a cob pipe, but the most important factor is that the bowl can fit snugly around the nub.

Since the entire cigar is tobacco, there is no harm in smoking the entire cigar. If it were filtered, like a cigarette, this would not be an option.

A Kitchen Funnel

kitchen funnel diy cigar holder

CC0 Public Domain, Peter Griffin via

In a pinch, a very small kitchen funnel can make a great cigar holder. Now, you may not have one lying around the house, but if you do you’re set.

If you go this route, make sure that you choose a funnel that is quite small. The circumference of the largest part of the funnel should fit snugly around the cigar. If you find one that works for you, all you need to do is light the end and inhale through the small end of the funnel.

So Get to It – Get Creative With a DIY Cigar Holder Using Only Household Materials

Cigar holders are a unique piece of cigar-smoking history. We’re happy that interest in these accessories is resurfacing and would love to see our readers get creative with their attempts.

As we mentioned there are a few used for cigar holders. Many smokers prefer the taste of either plastic or metal as opposed to directly tasting the tobacco leaf. Some advocate that they are more sanitary or even healthier. Some still enjoy the aesthetic of having an adorned holder for a nice cigar.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make a cigar holder at home, we wish you the best of luck!

Featured image credit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, Shon Brooks via

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