Davidoff Cigars is an independently owned Swiss cigar brand.  The brand is officially owned by The Oettinger Davidoff Group.  They carry many luxury goods but is primarily known for its high end premium hand rolled cigars.

Davidoff Cigars and Cigarillos

The Davidoff brand of cigarettes is no longer part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group.  The company was started by Zino Davidoff.  The Davidoff family had been in the tobacco business in Switzerland for years before Zino entered the family business in 1930.  Zino Davidoff ran the family cigar store in Switzerland until he sold it in 1970 to Max Oettinger for over a million dollars.

Davidoff worked as the Davidoff ambassador until he died at age 87.  The Davidoff Cigars brand grew from the store in Switzerland into an international brand in the 1960s and 70s.

Davidoff Cigars History

The first Davidoff cigars were produced in 1968.  At the time Zino Davidoff was working for the Cuban government.  The first Davidoff cigar lines produced under the Davidoff name were Cubans.  They were the Davidoff No. 1, the Davidoff No. 2, the Davidoff Ambassadrice, and the Davidoff Chateaux Series.  These and others put the Davidoff Cigars brand on the map for independently produced cigars.

Davidoff Cigars and the Cuban Government

The relationship between Davidoff Cigars and the Cuban government hit the skids in the late 1980s after disputes arose over the ownership rights of the brand.  In late 1990 the Dominican Republic made Davidoff product hit the market with great success.  Davidoff and Cuba officially parted ways in 1991.  Today Dominican Republic made premium hand rolled cigars are the best selling cigars in the world.  Much of that success is properly attributed to the presence of the Davidoff brand.

Today, Davidoff Cigars produces its tobacco products in the Dominican Republic under the guidance of master cigar blender Henke Kelner.  Most of the Davidoff lines were maintained in the move from Cuba, and some have been added.  There is even a Davidoff line of cigarillos named Zino after the father of the Davidoff brand.

Davidoff Cigars, Pipes and Cigar Humidors

Davidoff Cigars also produces pipes and humidors.  Some histories claim that Zino Davidoff himself was the pioneer of the desk top humidor.  It is uncertain if he was in fact the one who first came up with the idea, but he is rightly credited with being a big part of its promulgation and eventual popularity.  He is also credited by some as the creator of the guillotine cigar cutter.

The Davidoff Cigars Classic No. 1 is one of the most popular and best reviewed cigars of all time.  A box of 25 Davidoff Classic No. 1s costs about $450.  By all accounts, any Davidoff cigar is worth the price.

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