In the market for an expensive, enormous Cuban cigar? Let’s take an in-depth look at the Cohiba Behike 56 to see if it is worth your money and time.

To make sure it is something you want to purchase and smoke, we will be reviewing the cigar’s unique qualities, how much it will cost you, comparisons to other cigars, and other reviews of the product.

Everyone has different opinions on the “perfect” cigar – what it should taste like, smell like, and feel like are definitely somewhat personal opinions. However, most regular cigar smokers will know a high-quality, worth cigar when they see one. Let’s take a look at the Cohiba Behike 56 and see if it fits that category.

What is the Cohiba Behike 56?

The Cohiba Behike 56 is a very exclusive and limited Cuban cigar. It measures 22 mm by 166 mm in length and has a 56 ring gauge (meaning the width) – making it a pretty enormous product. Also, it is on the very top end of thickness, as far as the ring gauge is concerned.

Additionally, it is said to have a very decent mixed flavor of spices, burnt wood, earth, and a hint of bitter chocolate. The smoke is thick and creamy, which is really great for enhancing the natural, earthy flavors. In addition to these flavors, the cigar is also said to have fantastic resistance – providing the smoker with a leisurely, enjoyable experience smoking the product.

This cigar incorporates the tobacco leaf named “Medio Tiempo,” which basically translates to “halftime” in English.

The leaf provides the cigar with intense flavor and exceptional character.

The filler of the product is made up of different very fine leaves from Seco, Ligero, and Volado – originating from Vegas of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis. It also now incorporates for the first time, the Medio Tiempo that only actually comes from the top two leaves on sun-grown plants. This medley of different leaves provides the cigar with incredible character and a delicious taste.

The leaf does not grow at the top of every single tobacco plant, but those that do are said to have rich, full-bodied flavors of coffee which give the smoke a very creamy feel and quality.

What Makes the Cohiba Behike 56 Unique? 

The most unique aspect of this particular cigar is simply just how extremely exclusive and limited it truly is. So much so that each Behike cigar is given a band that houses two separate holograms for security identification – this also weeds out any potential fake products when purchasing a cigar.

The Medio Tiempo tobacco leaf has incredibly scarce quantities available in the natural world. This is the main reason they are such a limited product.

Another fairly unique quality of this cigar is simply the enormous size.

Cigar ring sizes range from about a 26 ring gage, all the way to a 57. With this particular design measuring at a 56, it is one of the largest on the market.

You can get a pretty clear idea of how thick this width is in inches by simply dividing the ring gauge by 64. For the Cohiba Behike 56, it is about 0.88 inches thick – almost a whole entire inch. This is idea for someone with a heavy draw, as they are able to suck in longer and more deeply without scorching the cigar.

Unlike a lot of other Cuban cigars, this choice actually really does not need any additional aging.

This is mostly due to the fact that the product is basically completely constructed with already aged tobacco.

The Medio Tiempo sun-grown leaves that grow from the top of tobacco plants are what makes up the tobacco in the cigar. This leaf has elements of the tobacco leaf in it that has already been aged. So once the product has been stabilized for humidity, it can essentially be smoked right “out of the box.”


These cigars will definitely cost you a pretty penny. Depending of course on where you buy them, this product ranges from around $80 to $200–$300 – and that is just for a single stick. A box of them will cost you closer to $1000, ranging from around $700 to $1200 depending on where you look.

In comparison to other cigars, this is extremely expensive. Because of the limited quantity and rarity of the leaf – the price is considerably higher.

Public Perception (Other Cohiba Behike 56 Reviews) 

This particular cigar had pretty mixed reviews. We will look at both the negatives and positives separately, in order to cover everything buyers had to say.

While a lot of reviews are solely based on public opinion, there were a lot of reviewers who mentioned specific aspects of the cigar that could apply to anyone who smoked them. Keep in mind that certain tastes, smells, and feels will be preferable to different people – you may like or dislike the flavors more or less than some of the other people who tried this cigar.


One aspect that purchasers really enjoyed about this product was the pull while smoking them. Like we mentioned before, the vast thickness of this cigar allows the smoker to inhale more deeply and for a longer length of time without scorching the product. So the reviewers that did enjoy the longer (and very even) draw really enjoyed that aspect of smoking the Cohiba Behike 56.

Those who bought the cigar also really enjoyed was the overall quality of it. Reviews have stated that the product was constructed incredibly well – very neat and an overall even distribution inside the cigar. Overall it is said to have been rolled almost perfectly.

The novelty of purchasing such a limited cigar with such a rare leaf inside of it. Also appealed to a lot of the purchasers of the product. It was more worth the price for those who enjoyed it because they knew it wasn’t something being created in mass quantities.

Lastly, users really enjoyed the length of time it took to smoke one of these cigars. Most reviews quoted around 2 to 2 and a half hours needed to completely smoke the Cohiba Behike 56. Those who mentioned the time frame stated that it was a great, slow burn. You could really enjoy it because of all the time it took to get through the cigar and completely smoke it down to the bottom.

If you have a whole afternoon or evening to devote to smoking one cigar, this is definitely a product to try out. However, if you are someone who prefers a quicker time frame, you may want to look at a different cigar.


As for what the smokers of this cigar did not appreciate. There are a few different aspects that were mentioned frequently. Again, some of this can be chalked up to personal opinion, depending on your taste buds and preferences.

The issue that came up most often was simply that the massive size of the cigar actually made it much more mild. Which makes sense since otherwise, your taste buds may have some issues after smoking one. A lot of the people buying this cigar who had previously purchased the Cohiba Behike 52 and 54 said flavor-wise. That this size was definitely lacking.

Something else that came up as a downside was the quality versus the incredibly high price.

For those cigar aficionados who strive to smoke the most exclusive, expensive cigars – this product is ideal.

However, for the average person who simply enjoys the activity of smoking. They are certainly not worth what you are paying for them.

While the quality is very good, the ingredients are rare and excellent. And the production is also of a high caliber. Not everyone who loves cigars simply has hundreds of dollars to fork out for them. Most reviews that mentioned the price stated that these prices would only be worth it if every single aspect of the cigar was perfect. And even then they might not be tempted to purchase one.

While many reviews mentioned that the quality is very good, others had different opinions on the construction of the cigars. There were a decent number of reviews mentioning that the cigars were slightly uneven. And also packaged in a poor way that left them a little dry.

How it Compares 

Since Cohiba Behike does offer other cigars in other sizes. Let’s compare the 52 and 54 against the 56 to see how it measures up.

If we look at reviews of the product. There was a very large amount of buyers who mentioned enjoying both the Cohiba Behike 52 and 54 more. Simply because they were less bland and much, much more flavorful. A lot of this is simply attributed to their size. They are considerably smaller and more compact than the 56 is.

The pricing is also different with the smaller cigars. They, of course, cost considerably less than what you would be forking out for the Cohiba Behike 56.

Overall, for the average person who still wants to experience the authenticity and rareness of a Cohiba Behike. Then they are better off purchasing either the 52 or 54. If you are an avid cigar connoisseur then the 56 may still be something you would want to try if you have the money. It just isn’t the most prudent choice for all smokers.

Now, what if we compared the Cohiba Behike 56 to other Cuban cigars in general?

Compared to other cigars, the price is still much more than anything else in its category. Especially when it comes to flavors and quality.

So as far as the price to quality ratio is concerned, you may want to look at other comparable cigars. This is a good choice if you really have the money to put towards them and the time to smoke them. However, that definitely does not apply to all regular cigar smokers.

What We Think

To sum up our thoughts on the Cohiba Behike 56. We definitely think it is worth trying for those of you who are passionate about cigars and can spend the additional money on purchasing them.

It is a rare, extremely high-quality, luxurious choice that can definitely be justified if you are able to afford them.

The unique aspect of the Medio Tiempo leaves us enough of a reason for any cigar enthusiasts to give them a try.

They are a great conversation starter, and they have a very interesting story and history behind them. If you are in a cigar club or have friends who are really interested in how exclusive they are. They would definitely be a treat to smoke together for an afternoon.

However, if you are just a regular cigar smoker who isn’t really too excited about the rarity the Medio Tiempo leaves, or can’t justify the cost of the cigar. It is most likely not worth the money and time for you.

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