CLE Chele

by Jeremy Dixon

Rating: VG (Very Good)

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Vitola: Robusto
Strength: Mild-Medium

CLE Chele by Christian Eiroa and Fabricas Unidas Cigars
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In full disclosure, it should be known that I am a fan of CLE cigars. They put out a quality product that always seems to be a consistently good smoke. Christian Eiroa started CLE after his Camacho brand was acquired by Davidoff. His father is sort of a legend in the cigar making industry so you know it is in his blood to make good cigars. The CLE branding simply comes from the initials of Christian and when someone puts their name on something, you know they are going to have to stand behind their product.

For this particular review I smoked the CLE Chele which is a new smoke being offered by CLE. Needless to say, I was happy to smoke it to see how it stacked up against their current product line.

CLE Chele Pre-Light:

The cigar was kind of small given that it was the 5×50 size. It had a very firm feel and you could tell that it had a tight wrap to it. Upon taking a quick dry draw I got notes of I got some notes of bread and a faint hint of fruit.

First Third: Upon first light the cigar tasted extremely earthy which kind of caught me off guard given the flavors I got in my pre-light draw. Fortunately, the earthiness subsided and the notes of bread and fruit kicked in. Side note, I don’t hate an earthy taste in a cigar, I was just hoping for something else. The cigar had a very mild to medium strength to it that would probably appeal to most smokers.

Second Third: The flavor of bread remained but I also started to get a little bit of pepper and spice. The pepper and spice was not overwhelming but it did make the bread flavor taste more like a toast flavor the more I smoked. Still very enjoyable.

Final Third: At this portion of the cigar I seemed to get more of the pepper and spice flavors with a hint of fruit again. The pepper seems to stick with you on your tongue even after you exhale but it is not a turnoff. I actually quite enjoyed the aftertaste. The cigar had a little more of a medium body towards the end.

CLE Chele Overall:

I am a fan of this cigar. To an experienced, they would probably prefer this cigar in the morning with a cup of coffee or before a meal. It was very smooth and maintained its flavor throughout with not a major flavor change at a particular point. I would strongly recommend this cigar and I am extremely happy to see CLE maintain its reputation with this new offering.

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