One of the best parts of smoking cigars regularly is pairing drinks with them and figuring out which cigar pairing guide works best for you.

However, it can also be an incredibly difficult task, with even the most experienced cigar enthusiasts left at a loss for what and how to pair successfully. Never fear though, it can be made a much simpler process with a few easy steps.

The Cigar Pairing Guide

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of drinks and cigars that work well together. Let us see if there are any new ones you may want to try.

Interesting Non-Alcoholic Pairings

You do not have to have a 50-year-old scotch on hand in order to make a pairing your palette loves. Let’s take a look at some more affordable and out of the ordinary pairings that don’t include alcohol.

The Cigar Paired with Dr. Pepper

One of the most outlandish ones we have come across is pairing your cigar with a Dr. Pepper. This is a soda that offers 32 separate, diverse flavors to the person drinking it.

The drink is able to bring out flavors that add a sweetness and complexity to the cigar you are smoking, without overwhelming it with its own taste. It is able to enhance different flavors that you may not even have noticed before while trying other drinks with the cigar you are smoking.

Dr. Pepper is also considered to be a legitimate palette cleanser, which allows you to track the changing flavors as you smoke the cigar down to the end. It’s certainly worth a try if you have never combined the two.

Another more obvious choice would be to combine your favorite cigar with a cup of hot coffee.

This is a staple drink that can be customized in hundreds of ways to suit all different sorts of palates – making it an absolutely excellent choice for almost any cigar.

You can use thousands of different brewing and roasting techniques, a wide variety of types of beans, and many different cream and sugar choices.

Pairing bolder coffee with more intense cigars is a great move, as well as sweeter cigars and coffee together, and mild cigars with less strong coffee. Because of all the choices, it’s great with pretty much any cigar you try with it.

The Cigar Paired with Tea

Another great choice, if you’re looking for a hot drink to pair up with your favorite stick, is tea. This incredibly diverse drink can be strong, mild, sweet, bitter, tangy, etc. The bolder teas like English or Irish breakfast would be great with a stronger cigar, and green teas are perfect for some of the milder choices.

Black teas are fantastic for bringing out more earthy and chocolate flavors. The green teas or just lighter black and white teas are fantastic for bringing out the floral flavors and sweeter notes. Adding sugar, cream, and spices can also create a more diverse flavoring depending on the combination you go with.

The last non-alcoholic pairing we are going to look at is a little unconventional – try your favorite cigar with a mug of hot chocolate.

It actually is a fairly popular choice among cigar smokers. If you are smoking a cigar with a rich and creamy profile and nutty flavors – what is better than a rich, chocolatey drink?

The sweet chocolate will bring out many similar flavors in the tobacco. It also helps emphasize the earthiness in the leaves as well. Depending on how you make the drink, the cream or milk in it can also assist in bringing out these delicious creamy or nutty notes too.

Alcoholic Pairings

For all of you who would rather have something a little stronger while you smoke, here’s a look at some great alcoholic pairings.

Let’s start with wine

This is a lovely drink to pair with any cigar, but there are ways to make sure it is done correctly. Having a light wine with a darker cigar can completely overpower the drink and make it less enjoyable.

Pairing dark with dark and light with light is best a perfect wine and cigar experience. White wines are generally more difficult to pair, as they are much lighter – however, red wines are much more diverse and easier to find matches for.

Beer and Cigar

Beer can also be a great beverage to drink while smoking. While cheaper choices like Budweiser and Coors may not match with a quality cigar – there are many delicious and unique craft beers that can bring out excellent flavors in your cigar. Just like with the other drinks on the list, you will want to pair darker beers with more intense cigars and lighter beers with a milder smoke.

Pairing Cigar with the Perfect Scotch

Of course, what kind of pairing guide would this be if we didn’t include scotch in our list? Pairing the perfect scotch with the best cigar is a skill, and once you get that combination it can be an amazing experience.

The more expensive and high quality your drink is, the better quality your cigar should be. It is a very strong drink and can take some getting used to – but it’s a fantastic choice for those who have a taste for it.

Drink and Smoke What You Want – Together

All in all, if it tastes good to you – that is all that truly matters.

And, now you have your cigar pairing guide. What are your favorite pairings, both alcoholic and not? Is there anything you didn’t see on the list that you love?

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