Welcome to Cigar Cafe Radio for our second installment in our Cigar 101 series. Cigar lighter 101 is the topic for our video today. In this video you will learn the basics of cigar lighters. Which ones to use and which to avoid. The lighter used to light your cigar is one of the most important parts of your cigar smoking experience.

Cigar lighter Xikar Allume Torch

Cigar lighter Xikar Allume Torch

Cigar Lighter 101: Torch

The most popular cigar lighter is the butane torch. These are found in every cigar shop in America. All torches are not created equal though. Some cigar lighters have no warranty, lifetime warranty or limited warranty (i.e. 2 years). Cigar torches make it easy to light your cigar up quickly and evenly. Be careful, temperatures of these torches reach up to 1500 degrees and will burn quickly!

Cigar Lighter 101 Soft Flame butane lighter

Cigar Lighter 101: Soft Flame

Soft flame lighters are found everywhere lighters are sold. Soft flame lighters are an ok option to light cigars. It will take more work than the torch lighters. Butane soft flame lighters are the only ones to use to light cigars. Avoid Zippo style lighters taking liquid zippo or similar fuel. The smell of the fuel will transfer into your cigar and lead to a bad cigar experience.

Other Cigar Lighting Options:

  • Cedar Spills
  • single, double and triple torch lighter
  • candles (do not use)
  • open flame (i.e. campfire etc.) – not recommended

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