Cigar International is a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania based cigar retailer and distributor.  They have a wide selection of cigars at their retail stores and also have both online and print catalog purchase and distribution mechanisms.  The retail stores are both in Bethlehem.

Cigar International has been voted the #1 cigar retailer in America.  They are known for their great selection and for their sampler offerings.  Cigar International creates unique bundles of cigars to help its patrons broaden their cigar horizons.

Cigar International Low Cigar Prices

The risk of trying something new in a Cigar International sampler is more than covered by the great low price.  Cigar International always has great online deals and coupons on some of the best brand name cigars out there.

On their website they have lots of helpful features.  To help your knowledge of cigars they have the Big List of brands and the top ten list of suggested brands.  To help you decide which cigar to buy they have staff reviews and staff picks.  To help you shop for the cigar smoker in your life they have gift suggestions.

Cigar International Daily Cigar Deals

To help your wallet they have Joe Cigar’s daily deal, freebie deals and other great promotions all the time.  One such promotion is the name your price program.  Cigar International allows you to name your price on certain cigars and cigar bundles.

To help you get involved they have discussion forums, CI testimonials and links to cigar

related current events like petitioning the FDA to relax taxation and regulation of cigars.  Cigar International also supports the Cigars for the Troops initiative.

Cigar International Cigar Website

You can get involved on their website.  They also have a video feature called Cigar International theater which contains cigar related video content.

For the frequent cigar smoker who does not live close enough to Bethlehem to visit the stores, you can set up a user account on the Cigar International website to make it easier to order your next batch of cigars.

Cigar International is a respected and well known retailer and distributor of all kinds of cigars. The Cigar International Superstore is located at 4078 Nazareth Pike (Rt. 22 & 191), Bethlehem, PA 18020 and has a wide selection of cigars and cigar related merchandise. The Downtown store is located at 1911 Spillman Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18015 and is more of a cozy tobacco lounge store.

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