Cigar Humidors – Your Safe Storage for Cigars

Cigar humidors are important accessories for cigars. Don’t buy expensive and elegant cigars without a humidor because this box is used as safe storage for cigars. However, the box is quite unique because despite its small size it is able to maintain stable humidity and temperature inside in order to maintain the freshness and the distinct aroma of the cigar.

A cigar humidor should be made of top notch materials to maintain the required humidity and temperature. In fact, there are preparatory procedures that must first be done on the box before it is used in order to properly condition the box for more efficient storage of cigars. Every material on the humidor must also carefully be selected to ensure optimum storage condition inside the box. When choosing the cigar humidors, it is best to keep in mind some important things, which will be discussed further on.

Cigar Humidor Humidifier: Calibrating the Humidor to Attain the Desired Humidity Level

Cigar humidor humidifier serves to set the humidity inside the box at the right level, which in this case should be at the range of 68% to 74%. The interior temperature must also be set at 64 degrees Fahrenheit. At this level, the storage life of the cigar is prolonged and their freshness is maintained. It is important to maintain the standard humidity level so that the cigars will also have good taste and excellent aroma.

Cigars that are too dry because of low storage humidity will tend to burn faster. The taste will also be affected in that it is more likely to be bitter. On the other hand, if the cigar is too damp because of excessive humidity storage condition, burning of the cigar is not going to be balanced and their flavors will be more acidic. On top of that, once the humidity level reaches 80%, the cigar will start to rot with gradual formation of mold and therefore, its lifespan tremendously shortened.

It is for these reasons that the interior cabinet environment of the humidor should have the right humidity level at all times. This can be achieved by using a cigar humidor humidifier. During the preparation process of the humidor, the humidifier is calibrated by filling it with distilled water.

In some instances, a special solution, which consists of 50% distilled water and the remaining 50% is propylene glycol, may be used. Under no circumstance that tap water is used to fill the humidifier because water from the tap contains minerals, bacteria and chlorine. These elements can clog the pores of the sponge in the humidifier, and they can also affect the taste and aroma of the cigar.

There are also electric humidifiers that automatically set the humidity level at the appropriate percentage. Electronic humidifiers are more expensive and accurate in maintaining the level of humidity inside the cigar cabinets. They are used in electronic humidors. There are even walk-in humidors where the humidity level is still maintained despite the large size.

Various Cigar Humidor Accessories

Cigar humidors also have several cigar humidor accessories to choose from aside from the humidifiers. They may be used to have your humidor personalized. You can check these accessories at the cigar shop, although they are also available online. Some of the popular accessories for humidors are humidifier solutions, travel cases and starter kits. For those who want to build their own humidor, there are building plans available that include some parts of the plan.

Common Issues with Humidors for Cigars

Humidity plays a crucial role in the storage of cigars. It is imperative to maintain the appropriate humidity level inside the box to prolong the storage life of the cigar. Otherwise, various problems may occur and the lifespan of the cigar may be shortened.

In most cases, common issues with humidors for cigars occur at excessively high humidity level inside the box. Some of these issues are mold formation, existence of tobacco worms as seen on minute holes in the tobacco leaves, and resin build-up. These things are indications that the humidity is no longer at the appropriate level, and the humidifier may need to be re-calibrated to set the interior condition back to the right level of humidity. A hygrometer is used to determine the humidity level of the cigar humidor.

Types of Cigar Humidors Based on Construction

Since the main function of the cigar humidor is to create an excellent environment with the right temperature and humidity for optimum storage of cigars, it is important to select the finest quality materials because this can greatly affect the quality of the interior environment. There are various types of wood used on the box. The most popular type that is also considered as 1st class in quality and one of the best in the world, is the Spanish cedar. Other similarly popular materials, but inferior to the Spanish cedar, are the American red cedar, the Canadian red cedar, and the Honduran mahogany.

There are various reasons why the Spanish cedar is considered as the best in quality and well-preferred by a typical cigar aficionado. This type of wood is excellent in ensuring a stable interior climate, and it also has higher capacity to absorb humidity so that mold formation seldom occurs. Spanish cedar also supports the aging process of the cigars and maintains, if not enhances their flavors.

On the negative side, resin formation sometimes occurs on humidors made of Spanish cedar. This is not common in American cedar. This type is cheap compared to the Spanish cedar, but it has inferior humidity absorption rate. The Honduran mahogany, on the other hand, has almost similar humidity absorption quality with that of the Spanish cedar; however, existence of worms sometimes occurs on humidors made of this wood.

Other than wood, there are also various types of humidors like the acrylic humidor jar, glass top mahogany humidor, and aluminum humidor.

Tips on Choosing Cigars Humidor

When buying commercial cigars humidor, there are several features that you need to check to ensure that you are getting one of the best types of humidor that is well-suited for the storage of your elegant handmade cigars. In this case, there are three things that you need to keep in mind. As mentioned before, the kind of materials used on the humidor can significantly affect the quality and the storage life of the cigar, the best type of material is the Spanish cedar. But this comes with the price, which is usually more expensive. If you can afford, go for Spanish cedar humidors. This is also the recommended type of humidor to buy if you are also planning to store first class quality cigars like the Cuban cigars and the Diamond Crown cigar.

Another important feature is the size of the humidor. There are different sizes with varying capacity to hold quite a number of cigars. Traveler’s humidor can store 10 cigars. The standard can store up to 25 to 50 cigars, while the largest size can take up around 300 cigars. If you are a heavy cigar smoker, go for the larger size. For beginners, just settle for small-sized humidors for a start.

But if you intend to store huge quantity of cigars for a long time, then choose large humidors. Just take note that it is best to store cigars for shorter time to enjoy their freshness. They are like food. The fresher they are, the better they taste. But this all boils down to personal preferences since some aficionados prefer cigars stored for longer period of time. As long as the humidity level inside the humidor is maintained at the appropriate level, you can store the cigars for as long as you want and still enjoy their aroma and flavor.

It is also essential is to look for the authentication seal. There may be several premium quality humidors, but there are also plenty of inferior quality products. To get assurance that you are getting a genuine product made of authentic Spanish cedar, look for the seal of the brand. In terms of brand, some of the well-respected brands of humidors are Daniel Marshall and Don Salvatore.

It is recommended to read reviews to determine the overall ratings of different brands, and to get more information about the unique features that each brand offers.

If you are going to buy humidors, it is also best to check the packages and the discount offered by a specific shop. Prices may also vary according to style and the design of the humidor. Some have old antique and vintage designs, while others are already modern in style with special decors like beads and homemade engravings. If you are planning more than one humidor for different brands of cigars, ask for wholesale discount and combo packages. Some humidors are sold on sale in combos with cigar sampler inside the box.

Cigar Travel Humidor: Best Travel Cigar Humidor

If you are a constant traveler and you want to bring your favorite cigars along with you, make sure to place them inside a cigar travel humidor. This is quite handy and sleek in design for utmost comfort in carrying them. To protect the cigars from the harsh outside environment and the rigors of travel, make sure that the humidor is crush-proof and resistant to both heat and water. There are also several different brands on display at the cigar shops. One of the suggested brands is the Cigar Caddy travel humidors.

Custom Cigar Humidors – Personalize Your Humidors for Elegance and Ease of Identification

Since a cigar travel humidor is most likely used when you are outside of your house, there is higher chance that the cigar box will be left or misplaced along the way. It is best to personalize them with your name embossed or engraved on the box for ease of identification when it is found. Custom cigar humidors can be made at the cigar shop.

Cigars Humidors: Tips in Storing Cigars in the Humidor

Storing cigars in the humidor for a long time requires some procedures that need to be done to keep the cigars fresh, and to maintain their quality. Cigars need sufficient air. Hence, the humidor should be aerated once in awhile; at least once every two weeks. Aside from that, do not place the humidor under direct sunlight to maintain the internal temperature. To keep the cigars inside the box in great shape, proper maintenance of the humidor is also important. Read the instructions that usually come along with the purchase of the humidor on how to properly care and maintain the unit.

Bear in mind that cigars absorb the surrounding aroma inside the humidor. Thus, it is best to store one brand per humidor. Storing different brands of cigars in only one humidor will cause mixture of different flavors. Some may like the combination of flavors, while others may not. Combining the flavor will lose the uniqueness of each brand. Either way, find out what works best for your preferences.

Different cigars have unique aroma and tastes; but their flavors are only as good as they are well-preserved inside the cigar humidors. It is essential to choose one of the best humidors that are also best suited to the quality of the cigars that you have.

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