This week on Cigar Cafe Radio we are starting a new cigar 101 series focused on important things cigar smokers need to know about their hobby. The fist installment today focuses on how to cut a cigar. There are many options when it come to cutting your cigar.

Guillotine Cigar Cutter

The guillotine cigar cutter (or straight cutter) is probably the most widely used cutter. Most of these are double blade traditional cigar cutters you see in every cigar shop around the country.

Xikar X8 cigar cutter, guillotine

V Cigar Cutter

Another popular cigar cutter is the V cutter. It cuts a nice V into the cap of the cigar. This changes the airflow of the cigar. The V cutter is popular for use on large ring gauge cigars. It will open up the draw.

Colibri V cigar cutter

Punch Cigar Cutter

Punch cigar cutters are probably the second most often used cutters behind the guillotine cutter. A cigar punch takes a very nice clean round hole out the cigar cap. Punch sizes very from very small (5mm) up to large (11mm).

Xikar cigar punch, cigar cutter

You can’t go wrong with any of these three types of cigar punches. Check out our video for more details on the proper way to use each cutter. It is very important to learn the proper way to use each of these types of cutters.

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