recorded 7-14

Lane: Welcome everyone to cigar cafe radio today!

Wakesurfing – Harris telling us about it

Sean: UFC party had my first fresh hand rolled cigar from 708 cigars

Lane: I am smoking the My Father Lounge cigar 2015 box press 7×58 from Cutter’s Cigar Emporium in Atlanta. It’s a smoke bomb. Medium to medium +


Sean: I smoked the San Lotano Connecticut. It was ok, not bad. Also smoked the Brick House, Leaf Corojo and Undercrown Shade lately

FDA Lawsuits

The Cuban tourism market is opening up. Hotels are 100% booked.

Sean: I smoked the My Father Le Bijou 1922 torpedo. The #1 cigar of the year from Cigar Aficionado this year. I really did not think it was great. I wonder how it got #1?

Jason Robnett left CLE Cigars to join General Cigar Co.



Davidoff Golden Band Awards

Rooftop party at Binion’s

Sean: I bought a Zino Grand Master

Guinea Pigs

Sean: Palate changed, I can’t really smoke full body cigars anymore

Lane: Liga Privada no.9 tastes like a graham cracker to me now and I love it. I smoked 10-12 to get to this point

Sean: Cigar basket fundraiser – 3 of us in on it, big variety

College Football

Alabama and Auburn

Alabama preseason #1

Paul Finebaum

Sean: I hate Michigan but they are going to be much better this year

Lane: Fly fishing trip and wedding in the keys

Sean: Big Ten game

Gurkha Giveaway


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