recorded: 1-21

Lane: Welcome everyone to Cigar Cafe Radio. What are we smoking today guys?

Harris: I’m smoking the Vega Fina Nicaragua Corona. It is an all Nicaraguan cigar (puro) with a Habano 2000 wrapper. Retail price is $6.

Vega Fina Nicaragua

Vega Fina (original blend) is big in Europe.

I am excited about our new Cigar Cafe Cigar 101 video series. Last week we recorded the first two videos in the series. How to cut a cigar and How to light a cigar.

Vega Fina Nicaragua Cigar Cafe RadioSean: My Dad is a cigar guy but he’s one of those guys who says every cigar tastes like smoke. He really doesn’t care about trying new cigar blends. He loves Montesino cigars. I have tried them and don’t love the oak finish. I really don’t like any cigars with an Oak finish.

Lane: Maybe we should do a series on cigar profiles?

Harris: Back in the day (your father) most cigars probably did taste the same and have a similar flavor profile.

Sean: I smoked the Asylum 13 Ogre Lancero last weekend. It has 2 wrappers. A candela and a maduro wrapper (barber pole).

Lane: I’m smoking the Perdomo Cameroon Petit Corona. My favorite sub $6 cigar.

What do you think about the lancero size cigars?

Sean: I hate it when cigars have a tough draw. I threw out a Joya Red this week because of a tough draw. Cigars are a handmade product so this happens from time to time.

Sean: I went to a wrestling fundraiser this weekend at a local bar. I took a bunch of cigars for the guys (Asylum 13, Java Latte). I smoked the Nat Sherman Timeless Dominican. I loved it. It burned great and is always one of my favorites. I gave away my Cuban Montecristo #2.

Lane: I smoked an AVO Synchro in the hot tub this weekend. It was 34 degrees outside. Davidoff has been doing very well with new releases in the last year. The Davidoff Escurio was great and I loved the AVO Syncro.

Sean: I love the Davidoff Escurio for its uniqueness. Great changes with Davidoff in the last few years. Their sales must be way up. Great cigars for under $20

European Cigar market vs. US market Cigar Tastes

Davidoff new blends seem to be driven by the US market rather than European market like in the past.

Perdomo Champagn Noir

Sean: Lane, are you Alabama hungover?

Lane: They almost gave me a stroke in the National Championship game.

Sean: That was one of the best national championship games ever!

Lane: Deshawn Watson from Clemson is incredible!

Harris: Unfortunately Auburn plays Clemson the first game of the season next year

Lane: SEC Football

Sean: NFL championships this weekend.

Tom Brady

Green Bay Out

Cam Newton 14-0 other than a loss to the Atlanta Falcons

Cam Newton is great. He’s so excited about the game. Good to see.

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