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Lane: Welcome everyone to another installment of Cigar Cafe Radio. We have a great show for you today covering everything from Steve Saka’s new blend Sobramesa to AVO Syncro to Sean’s cigar list for his vacation coming up.

Harris: Steve Saka is famous for being the former CEO of Drew Estate and the creator of the famed Liga Privada cigars. Sobremesa is an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado Sun Grown cigar.

Alec Bradley Nica Puro Rosado

Lane: I’m smoking the Arturo Fuente 858 Sun Grown. Sean’s dad loves the Arturo Fuente 858 cigars. He has been smoking them for 20+ years.

Sean: The AVO Syncro is one of the finest cigars I have smoked lately. This is the first Nicaraguan cigar in the AVO line.

Harris: The AVO Syncro is off to a fast start. I have not met many people who did not like this cigar. It is very different from anything else in the AVO regular lines. It is a little similar to some of the AVO limited edition releases. I feel like they used some of these to experiment with blend profiles to use for this cigar. Just a guess…

Lane: I posted a pic of the Hillbilly Hot tub on Instagram. I watched the Super Bowl from it while smoking a cigar. It was incredible.

Sean: Cork and Carry has an amazing Beer Garden. I am going on vacation to Orange Beach (Alabama Gulf Coast) for the first time. Its a long drive from Chicago. I’m so excited about it. Road trip with the family.

Lane: I went to the Opryland hotel. It is an amazing place!

Sean: I am working on a cigar list to take on my vacation. I plan to stop and see Harris in Birmingham (for the first time ever) and buy my cigars at Cigars & More. Here are my thoughts so far:

  • Camacho Corojo
  • Jericho Hill
  • Liga Privada T52
  • Padron Family Reserve
  • Alec Bradley Sanctum
  • Nat Sherman Timeless
  • Perdomo Champagne Noir
  • Room 101 Johnny Tobacconist

I’m ready to smoke! I plan to wake up early, smoke one with my coffee and then another after dinner.

FDA Regulation of Premium Cigars Update

Sean: What’s the word on the street about FDA?

steve saka owner Sobremesa cigars

Harris: I had a great conversation with Steve Saka about the FDA. He feels like the FDA will go with Option 1 the heavy regulation then the industry will have to fight it in court and try to drag it out or get it thrown out by a court.

Chicago Cigar Tax

Sean: The city of Chicago proposed raising the local cigar tax (Rahm Emmanuel) sky high. It did not pass. It was good to see a liberal city vote down a cigar tax increase. Maybe they are starting realize this is counterproductive.

Lottery in Alabama

Lane: Powerball update. What would you do if you won?

Sean: Powerball dreams

IPCPR 2016

Harris: The IPCPR trade show is July 24-28 this year in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo center attached to the Venetian Hotel and Casino. The IPCPR is the big cigar industry trade show held once a year. Most new cigar releases are announced here.

Lane and Sean are you guys coming with me?

What is the IPCPR like?

Lane: Have you guys seen that Clint Aaron owner of 262 cigars is crowdsourcing his new blend? We need to get him on the show as a guest.

Question: Are IPCPR samples the same as what actually ships to Brick and Mortar retailers?

Sean: I didn’t love the samples of the Undercrown Shade but the actual production cigars shipped to Harris really grew on me and now it is one of my goto cigars.

Lane: Another example of this are the Edgar Hoil cigars I bought at Harris’ event. They were not great at first but smoked really well after a month in my humidor.

Cleansing Process

Sean: You said Luffa, ha!

Lane: I had a notification pop up today. We have been doing the show for right at a year! That is hard to believe. It’s been fun guys!

Super bowl Recap

Harris: I was disappointed by the Panthers mistakes. I wanted them to win.

Lane: It was close

Sean: The Broncos D was very good.

Sean: What did you think about Cam Newton’s Press conference?

Lane: My wife went to school with Evan Mathis

Sean: I think the backlash on Cam is wrong. He’s a passionate guy.

Public Office

Batman vs Superman movie coming out

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