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Lane: Welcome everybody to another installment of Cigar Cafe Radio. Lane, Sean and Harris all here today. What are we smoking today guys?

Harris: I am smoking a newer release from Altadis USA the Romeo Anejo. It has a dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, Dominican Binder and Nicaragua and Honduran fillers. It has a nice pepper spice just after I lit it up.  Its off to a good start.

Caldwell Cigar Co.

Lane: Caldwell King is dead for me today in the torpedo vitola. It is a nice smooth medium body Dominican Puro.

Harris: Interesting side note Robert went to high school 1 year in Birmingham, AL and his mom still lives in Birmingham. We had a big event with him last year and his mom came since she had never been to one of his events. She was a lot of fun and is very active on social media.

Robert Caldwell is part of a new group of innovators in the cigar industry really pushing the envelope of new cigar blends. His brands have been great sellers for us and seem to have done very well overall.

Cigar News:

Harris: TAA 2016 is coming up March 6-10 in beautiful Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

Lane: Don’t get Zika virus

Sean: Tell us a little bit about what TAA is

Harris: TAA is the Tobacconist Association of America. It is a group of 80 retailers who own around 250 premium retail cigar shops. It is supposed to be the best of the best. They meet for one week every year in a different exotic destination. Meetings at the conference include seminars, motivational speakers and a mini trade show for retailers. The TAA also has the TAA Exclusive Series of cigars made by different manufacturers only for TAA members. A portion of the sales from these cigars supports the operations of the TAA.

Harris: Davidoff Nicaragua releasing 2 box press sizes 5×48 robusto and 6×52 toro. I think these will do very well. Everything in the Davidoff Nicaragua line so far has crushed it.

What is Sean Smoking?

Sean: I smoked the Eiroa First 20 Years. I liked it but it was a little strong for me. I prefer the Davidoff Nicaragua over this one.

Lane: Everyone has a different flavor profile

Harris: This is a great cigar but definitely not for someone wanting something in the mild to medium range

Sean: I finally got another Kristoff Corojo Limitada. I loved it again. It was just as good as I remembered it. I want to try some Perdomo cigars next. What is the Oliva Connecticut like?

Sean: I am so excited about my family’s road trip from Chicago to Gulf Shores, AL! I am going to smoke Connecticut cigars in the morning and then something stronger after dinner.  I am taking alot of cigars! Java Latte and Acid Kuba’s for my friends just getting started with cigars.

Cigar Gear

Harris: People always ask what is the best way to humidify a travel humidor? I think the best way to do it is with the small Boveda packs. They are only 99 cents and they last 30+ days. It is so easy. If you have a large travel humidor you will need more than one. My rule of thumb is one for every 10 cigars. This is not based on anything other than trial and error. It has worked well for me but you may need more if you live in a low humidity part of the US.


Lane: You can also use the basic round Xikar Crystal humidifier with their PG solution

Lane: We need to do an entire show dedicated to infused cigars soon

Harris: Definitely!

MMA update – Connor McGregor opponent pulled out of the fight. Sean very upset

New TAA cigars to be announced soon

Griffin Nicaragua Cigars now shipping in two sizes – interesting first Nicaraguan cigars under the Griffin brand from Davidoff. Possibly the beginning of a brand wide revamp for Griffins?

Big Rocky Patel Event March 24th at Cigars & More with Rocky in person!

CAO Flathead 660

Cigar Aficionado list top 25 list is disappointing


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