Football is back, Sean is looking forward to coaching this year.

Lane is jacked Alabama Football is back on the air.

labarbaTim Tebow is following yet another dream to play a professional sport. He just can’t let bygones be bygones. He hasn’t played baseball in over a decade and yet here he is trying his hand at playing professional baseball. Sean commented that he has a pretty promising career as a football commentator/analyst.

So it’s post IPCPR Sean has a nice haul from Harris and Lane and Lane resting his chemistry although he’s fighting  the good fight.

Sean smoked a La Barba Red from a small batch boutique cigar company founded by Tony Bellatto and Craig Rossi. Sean’s impression was that the cigar was full flavored but medium in strength. Excellent construction and a masterful blend.


Happy birthday Lane. Lane celebrates his birthday week.

Random talk about the Davidoff Yamasa, Drew Estate Swamp Thing and several others.


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