In this weeks podcast we talk about new cigar smokers. The Insidious by Asylum. Cigar smoking vs Pipe smoking & Birmingham’s own GTO Brand.

Cigars to Try

Mild –

Full bodied – AVO Signature Small Corona

Dominican, well balanced, builds in intensity throughout.

Ecuadorean Sun grown Connecticut wrapper, fermented at Davidoff in DR.

Filler is a blend of several (Dominican) Cibao \ˌsí-BOW\ Valley tobaccos, including Ligero that packs a little more punch

Binder is also Dominican

4.5×43 ring size smokes quick

Unique –

Ladies –

New Cigar Smoker


So I brought a friend with me into the shop today. He’s been listening to the show (we have a listener) and has decided he’d like to try a cigar. Greg is in his 30s and, among his life accomplishments, he and his wife have a young son. He’s also a classically trained chef, having graduated from culinary school several years ago, so his palate is probably above average as compared to most new cigar smokers. Since he’s declined the opportunity to be part of the show today, I basically get to tell you guys whatever I think you need to know as long as I believe it to be true.

He’s never smoked cigarettes.

Occasionally smokes a pipe.

Has never smoked more than a bundle “It’s a Boy!” cigar before.

As far as pipe tobacco goes, he likes Dunhill Early Morning Pipe, as well as other Latakia (\ˌla-tə-ˈkē-ə\) heavy English bulk pipe tobacco blends, which basically taste nothing like cigar tobacco.

(We can pre plan and pair him with a cigar and talk about it)

Sean, as a fellow new cigar smoker, do you have any specific recommendations?

Gurkha Ron Abuelo Rum Infused

The Private Select is a medium bodied cigar with hints of cocoa and nuts. The Maduro wrapper is the perfect marriage with the sweetness of the 7-year aged Ron Abuelo rum. The fullness of toffee and cocoa flavors are accentuated from the rum, while hints of leather and earthy undertones come through with the Nicaraguan cigar.

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