recorded: 9-28-15

Harris and Patrick Vivalo

Harris: Patrick, Thanks for joining us on The Cigar Café today. Patrick is at Cigars & More in Birmingham today for an event with his brand Vivalo Cigars.

Patrick: Thanks for having me in the store today and on the show.

Harris: Tell us a little about what makes your brand Vivalo Cigars unique

Patrick: I spent years working on this blend while leading factory tours when I worked for Rocky Patel Cigars. Most cigar companies only blend there cigars to the robusto size and then adjust for larger sizes.

Patrick Vivalo owner of Vivalo Cigar Co.

What I do differently is to blend each size on its own. I use the same tobaccos but adjust the amounts specifically to each cigar. This gives each cigar very unique characteristics.

Recently I updated my packaging and added blend descriptions to the front of every box to help retailers and consumers really know what the cigar they are buying will be like. I also updated the bands and made them look nicer.

Harris: Wow that is very interesting. That makes so much sense. It seems like every company should do those things. Why don’t they?

Patrick: It takes much more time to do things this way.

Harris: We talked a little earlier about Retrohaling your cigar. Tell our listeners who have not heard about this what it means and how to do it.

Vivalo Robusto 2015

Patrick: Retrohaling is very important. This is the only true way to fully taste cigars when you smoke them. You are bringing some of the cigar smoke through your nostrils and over your olfactory nerve. This is the center of your sense of smell. You will pick up notes you never thought you would be able to taste in a cigar.

It takes a good bit of practice but is worth the effort to learn

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