Recorded 10-22-15

Lane: Welcome to The Cigar Cafe Radio. Today we were hoping to have Jim Robinson owner of Leaf by Oscar on the show today. Unfortunately he is not able to join us due to technical difficulties. What’s going on today guys?

Harris: I am smoking the Leaf by Oscar Connecticut website

Wrapper: Honduran Connecticut Puro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Strength: Mild-Medium

Lane: I am smoking the AVO Classic Covers 2. Its sun grown and pretty.

Sean: Who is Oscar Valledares?

jim robinson owner of Leaf by OscarLeaf by Oscar

Harris: Oscar Valledares is Jim Robinson’s partner in the factory that makes the leaf by oscar cigars in Honduras. He’s the man that makes things happen in the factory. He previously worked for other large cigar manufacturers but wanted to venture out on his own.

The Leaf story is pretty great. What started out as a house cigar for Jim’s small shop in Pittsburgh has grown into one of the hottest new cigars on the market today.

Lane: This hate week Alabama vs. Tennessee. Both schools have a big cigar tradition with this game. The winning fans and team all smoke cigars. Players are smoking cigars on the field and fans in the stands. Its alot of fun.Oscar Valledares Leaf by Oscar

Harris: Tons of people have come in this week to buy cigars for this. Its a big deal in Birmingham.

Lane: Interestingly enough it does violate NCAA rules. The schools self report it and pay a fine.

Sean: The AVO LE 02 is very interesting. I didn’t love the beginning but hung with it and really enjoyed the cigar from my AVO LE sampler.

Harris: Jim Robinson said he will be in Cuba next week and will try to be on the show from there!

Lane: That would be really cool!

Sean: Footall update. My son’s team is in the playoffs and doing really well. I think they can win it all!

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