Recorded 9-3-15

Sean: Intro

Lane is on vacation yet again. Is this fair? I’m living vicariously through him. I am guest hosting today.

What have you been smoking lately Harris?

Harris: I tried something new this week. Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Chingonova is a new release from Room 101. Room 101 is under the Camacho brand and is owned by Davidoff. Famous Jewelry designer and cigar aficionado Matt Booth is the face and creative force behind the brand.

Johnny Tobacconaut is a 3500 box production from Room 101

Sean: We have a few college football games this week to kickoff the college season. Michigan vs. Utah and North Carolina vs. South Carolina

Michigan is very down right now, new coach Jim Harbaugh should do well but it will take time to rebuild. I’m a huge big 10 fan.

TCU barely squeaked by Minnesota 23-17.

What is a Retrohale?

Sean talks about what notes he is picking up on the retrohale. Don’t know what retrohaling a cigar means? check out the podcast link at the bottom.

Johnny Tobacconaut characteristics

Sean: I smoked the AVO Heritage toro this week.

AVO is owned by Davidoff

Its my tradition to smoke after my son’s football practice.

The AVO heritage was different than what I expected and what I have smoked lately. Charred oak taste initially. Musty flavor to it at the start not bad, sweet undertone.

It really mellowed after the first third. I decided the milder woodsy flavor profile is not my favorite. It is joke just not my first choice. I tasted a little raisin or plumb and it had a short finish. Overall it was a very pleasant smoke. I would smoke it again.

I’m starting to figure out my ideal cigar flavor profile is spicy full body.

Sean: I picked a new lighter this week that I really like. It is called the Eagle Torch. It has a big fuel tank and a smooth trigger. The wide single flame makes it easy to light cigars. It was $20 at my local cigar shop.

Check out Sean’s review on the cigar cafe website of the AVO Heritage.

Sean: What is the Undercrown Shade like? I’m really excited about that one!

Harris: Its a smooth creamy medium. The one I tried was very unique. Very different from the other Undercrown cigars. I really liked it. There is a huge buzz in the cigar world about this cigar.

Sean: What events are coming up at Cigars & More?

Davidoff Event Coming up at Cigars & More 280 Thursday September 17th

Camacho American Barrell Aged Tour coming to Cigars & More 280 October 28th

7 minute workout app (the green one)

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