Recorded 1-7 Special Guest Anthony Liuzza Southeast Sales Rep for Kristoff Cigar Co.

Today we are smoking the Kristoff Cameroon cigar on the show.

Kristoff Cigar Blends

Lane: Welcome everyone to Cigar Cafe Radio today. We have a special guest. Anthony thanks for joining us today.

Harris: Yes thanks for joining us! Tell us a little bit about the Kristoff family of cigars.

Anthony: We are smoking the Kristoff Cameroon today. Some blends were quick to come up with and others took years. The Kristoff Sumatra was very quick to blend by owner Glenn Case. The Cameroon we are smoking today took 7 years to get the blend right. The tobacco is 7 years old. It has an African Cameroon wrapper.

Sean: The Kristoff Corojo Limitada is my favorite of the Kristoff blends.

Anthony: The Kristoff headquarters is in Chicago. Sean you should stop by and see Glenn Case (owner).

Sean: That would be great! Its only about 30 minutes from me.

Kristoff Cigars owner Glenn Case


Anthony: We are producing about 1.2 million cigars annually so we are a larger boutique cigar company.

Sean: We don’t have good cigar shops around me in Chicago. I can’t find Kristoff up here.

Sean: How many blends are in the Kristoff portfolio?

Anthony: We have 10 core blends

Holiday Cigars

Sean: I smoked some good cigars over the Holidays

Lane: I smoked the Padron 50th Anniversary cigar and loved it! ($106 SRP)

Anthony: Arturo Fuente Opus X with age are incredible. 6 months to a year is perfect

Sean: I smoked a Cuban Cohiba and liked it.

Lane: I burned a $100 gift card at Cigars & More and got a great lineup. I’m very happy with it.

Cuban Kristoff Cigar?

Harris: Anthony, do you think we will see Kristoff blend with Cuban tobacco when it is legal here?

Anthony: It will be exciting to blend with it. I think it will be the catalyst for a second cigar boom and bring many new people into the industry.

Anthony Cigar Background

Harris: Anthony, how did you get into the cigar industry?

Sean: What are some of your favorite cigars other than Kristoff?

Anthony: Room 101 Namakubi, My Father JJ maduro, Nicaraguan and dominican combos, Nat Sherman Dominican Timeless, LFD Air Bender, Oliva and many more…

I’m in a Nicaraguan phase

Anthony: The human palate changes often. Your taste buds cycle out every two weeks.

Kristoff Cigar Blends

FDA regulation of Cigars

Harris: unfortunately the exemption language did not make it into the final appropriations bill Congress passed recently. It was stripped out at the last minute. So now we are still just waiting for final rules from the FDA. No one seems to know what is coming. The 2007 grandfather date is scary and would kill most of the cigar industry and be a huge barrier for new companies to enter the cigar industry.

Big Tobacco continues to lobby against the cigar industry.

What else have we smoked lately?

Lane: I’ve been smoking in my inflatable hot tube lately

Harris: I had no idea they make those

Sean: The Davidoff Nicaragua is the best cigar I have smoked in while. Loved it.

Harris: I smoke the Intemperance Catador from RomaCraf. Strong short smoke, very good.

College Football National Championship

Alabama vs. Clemson

Sean: The bowl games have been terrible so far.

Anthony: Teaser…We will be launching a new cigar called the Pissed Off Kristoff before TAA in March. Glenn produced a cigar with a smooth rich flavor and a high nicotine content. Stay tuned for blend info!

Harris: Anthony thank you so much for joining us on the show today! We enjoyed it.

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