recorded 8-4

Still Recovering From IPCPR

First post IPCPR podcast.

Sean was pretty jealous of all the swag Harris and Lane got at the convention.

Lane and Harris send a sympathy care package to Sean with cigars you can’t get yet. Both Lane and Harris both got over 80 sticks each without trying. Both were trying to selectively target companies to do interviews and taste certain blends.

Lane said he smoked at least part of 8 to 10 sticks per day but loved the Alec Bradley Mundial.

Harris is smoking Gurkha Cellar Reserve 21 Years. A little different than the other Cellar Reserves. Sean loves the 15-year Cellar Reserve. He says there is a very distinct citrus taste almost like a Citronella candle.

Lane is smoking the new Avo Syncro Fogata.

Caldwell All Out Kings Is On The Way

One of the standouts of the show was the Caldwell All Out Kings. A collaboration between Caldwell and Drew Estate. Picture of Caldwell All Out Kings with printed bandsLane had done an interview with Robert Caldwell several months ago, Lane and Harris ran into him at the show and he brought 30 samples of the All Out Kings with him to the show. Just so everyone knows these didn’t even have the real bands yet. They had computer printed bands. He was passing them out one at a time and would only give out one. On the last day of show whilst having a few drinks he handed Lane two more. So Harris, Sean and Lane have 3 of 30. Robert told them that the All Out Kings is all Liga tobacco. Real dense, high-end construction and it is turned up to level 15. It is stronger than a Liga but you can tell where it comes from. It was certainly a highlight of the show.

Other New Release Highlights From The Show


Lane relates that the IPCPR was massive. The booths were spectacular. Drew Estate’s booth was two stories with a DJ but even know it was crazy there were others like Perdomo that were like stores. Many of the booths had full bars or an espresso station. Lane said Perdomo was the most impressive but there others that were very close.


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