6\25\15 Show Notes

Cigar Cafe Radio talks Gurkha Extreme, My Father Lounge Exclusive and Pre-Party UFC

Sean: I bought a Kristoff Corojo Limitada that I’m gonna smoke today. There are no real good cigar stores near my house. They look like head shops without the weed with a tiny humidor. The one place I went to had two Ashton’s but had a whole wall of Acids by the way they had one Alec Bradley too.

Harris: Sometimes its tough to find a place dedicated to the industry that does a good job of getting a variety of great smokes especially with all of the boutique brands out there.

Harris: I am smoking the new Gurkha release called The Extreme. It’s got a big snake on the band and it’s 6″x 63 ring gauge. It’s a nice medium body cigar in the $10 to $12 range.

Lane: I’m in one of the Cigars and More shops and I’m smoking a My Father Lounge Exclusive that was made specifically for Cigars and More. It’s a power house for sure.

Harris: Yeah that is an exclusive blend. My Father has 9 or 10 stores around the country that they make a Cigar Lounge exclusive blend for and we are lucky enough to be one of them. They let us help with the blend and we buy about 100 boxes a year. It’s a special cigar and has Cigars and More on the box. Medium to full flavor.

Sean: As I’ve been getting more and more involved with the manufacturers I think I want to have a cigar made for me “The Kavanaugh – Irish Hillbilly”. I’m telling you if I brought in a cigar called the Irish Hillbilly I’d sell thousands on the southside of Chicago.

Harris: The interesting thing about the cigar industry right now is that you could probably have that cigar made for 3 or 4 thousand dollars by one of the manufacturers.

Sean: I bought a fathers day cigar for myself. The Rocky Patel Decade. I know Lane said it wasn’t one of his favorites but I have to say that I loved it. It did kick my ass pretty good though.

Lane: I did like it, it just wasn’t one of my favorites by Rocky Patel. For me it comes in under the Old World Reserve.

Sean: I’m aging my Liga Privada T-52 quite nicely. I can’t bring myself to smoke it now that I know it’s tough to get. There aren’t many stores that carry it.

Harris: You have to be on a special program with Drew Estate to them. It involves carrying quite a bit of their other lines. The reason they keep it rather exclusive is because the tobacco they use for the Ligas is tough to get. The Undercrown blend is kinda the poor man’s version of the the Liga.

Lane: I know you’ve been talking about the upcoming UFC 189 fight and I have never really been exposed to it but I want to learn a bit about it.

Sean: Well I love it because I wrestled for real, folkstyle, freestyle and Greco. We have no pro circuit so wrestlers jumped into the MMA because most of the fights went to the ground and wrestlers dominated early in the UFC. In the last ten years the fighters have been much more rounded. They still favor one or two disciplines but they can do it all. I am having a party for UFC 189 featuring Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo. One of our sponsors in The Cigar Cafe CLE & Asylum Cigars is sponsoring the party. So we will have cigars, beer, food and a 60″ TV to watch the fight in my garage. It should be fun.



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