Recorded 6-2

Lane: Welcome everybody to Cigar Cafe Radio. Today we have a very special guest in the shop today. Christian Eiroa and Jason Robnett thanks for joining us. We are smoking the Eiroa First 20 years today on the show.

Harris: Christian, tell us a little bit about how your new cigar the Eiroa First 20 years came about.

Christian Eiroa: We start with a blend in mind. We are rarely surprised. With this blend we were looking to do something special. My Father Julio Eiroa brought this blend to me at first it didn’t work but in the end it turned out fantastic. The wrapper gives it a nice sweetness from the La Victoria seed. It tastes like pure tobacco. The Eiroa first twenty years has been our number 2 seller over the last three months.

I don’t want to make trendy cigars, instead I want to make very consistent cigars. We have received two 90 ratings in a row from Cigar Aficionado.

Christian Eiroa thoughts on FDA

Sean: I really like the packaging on the Eiroa First 20 years cigar. It has a nice classic look.

Christian Eiroa: We are working to update the packaging on all of the CLE and Eiroa lines. I likePicture of a box of Eiroa 1st 20 year cigar to use tissue instead of cellophane. It looks much better.

Sean: Its nice to hear your guys are able to evolve

Christian Eiroa: You need necessary failures. It’s funny the first time.

Lane: I like the throwback. This cigar is in a league of its own. Medium

Jason Robnett: Medium Body, Full Flavor

Christian Eiroa: Chele, Prieto, Azabache

Lane: It has been a good cigar year for you guys

Christian Eiroa:Everything changed in 2011. We took a little while to catch up to the industry and what consumers are looking for.


Christian Eiroa: The new FDA rules will eliminate all innovation. Old blends will come back. Overall I think the industry will be ok. We are trying to understand the process. We plan to cut certain brands we will not seek FDA approval of.

Sean: Would you consider buying regional brands that are grandfathered in?

Christian Eiroa: It depends on how the FDA will define a “new” brand. How will an ownership change factor into that?

Lane: How does it affect your planning for the IPCPR 2016 tradeshow?

Christian Eiroa: I think there will be up to 2000 new sku’s launched at the IPCPR this year to beat the FDA August deadline. As of April there were already 397 new sku’s launched.

Lane: Good trade show location this year

Christian Eiroa: This year is our best location ever

Sean off

Jason Robnett: We have an event tonight at Spring Street Cigars to launch their exclusive 7×38 Eiroa TCB (Taking Care of Business) Lancero

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