recorded 2/18

Lane: Welcome and Intro

Fratello Bianco by Omar de Frias

Harris: I am smoking the Fratello Bianco 6.5×44 today. Suggested retail price is $8.75 for this cigar. It was launched at the IPCPR trade show in 2015. This was Fratello’s first new blend since their initial launch in 2013. The name Bianco is Italian for white and is a reference to the white band on the cigar.

The Fratello Bianco cigar has a Mexican San Andres negro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and a blend of Nicaraguan, Pennsylvanian and Peruvian fillers. They are sold in 20 count boxes.

This cigar is off to a great start smoking today.

Eiroa The First 20 years

Sean: Lane tell us about your recent experience smoking the Eiroa The First 20 years

Lane: It was a near religious experience. All conditions were perfect, location, temperature meals etc. Everything came together perfectly to complement this fantastic cigar!

I smoked it after the My Father Le Bijou Torpedo Box Press that got #1 cigar of the year in Cigar Aficionado. I was sitting on the Beach in Florida drinking rum in the sand. The Eiroa The First 20 years was full body and complex with cinnamon notes on the retrohale. The aroma was very much like the opus or Padron Anniversary. I picked up hints of cocoa and coffee. The suggested retail price is only $13. I think this cigar is a great value at that price point. A Padron 1926 series at the beach costs at least $22.

Irrational fears – Jason Robnett and spiders

Lane: mine is claustrophobia

New Cigar Arrivals in the shop

Perdomo Habano Connecticut Bourbon Barrel Aged

Olympus is fallen

Sean: The Liga Privada T52 is also $20+ at the beach.

Lane: I smoked my first Eiroa The First 20 years at the beach last December and I have not smoked a Liga Privada cigar since then. That is saying a lot about it for me.

Lane: Today I’m smoking the GTO dos kapas torpedo. It is a Dominican Puro with first generation cuban seed grown in the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is a combination of natural and maduro wrappers barber pole style. I am picking up notes of nuttiness and pepper spice.

I was looking for the new Alec Bradley Barber Pole cigar but did not see it in the shop today

GTO is the only cigar company owned by an Alabama resident and based in Montgomery, AL. The owner Oscar Rodriguez is a doctor on a military base in Montgomery.

Sean: I smoked the GTO dos kapas torpedo and the Asylum Ogre. I have to admit I liked the Ogre more. I really like barber pole construction of cigars in general.

Sean: I found a great old school cigar accessory. The Uptown Classic leather cigar holder. It was $80 on ebay. I love it!

Sean: I’m still working on my vacation cigar lineup. Any thoughts?

Harris: Sean will be passing through Birmingham later in March on his was to the beach.

Sean: I’m working hard to lose weight. It is making it hard to smoke since I never eat anymore.

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