Recorded 8-10-15 Show Notes:


Sean: What are you guys smoking today?

Harris: I’m smoking the new Fratello Bianco. I looked the size up on their site. It is the 5×44 event exclusive size. This cigar was a sample given to me at the IPCPR by the owner Omar de Frias. It is off to a great start with hints of vanilla.

Wrapper: San Andres Negro

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Pennsylvanian, Nicaraguan and Peruvian fillers

Price: free at events other sizes will be $8-$10

Lane: The 2015 AVO Limited Edition Classic Covers cigar. AVO releases a limited edition cigar every year around AVO’s birthday. This one is more full body than last year’s. It has hints of spice and cocoa. The AVO LE blends are my favorite of any limited edition cigars.

I’ve been looking for the new Kristoff Cameroon unfortunately it is not in the shop yet.

AVO Heritage is a great cigar in the AVO line at an every day price point of $8-$10.

Football NFL Hall of Fame game

Lane: I’m just glad to see any live football. Terry Bridgewater is a great QB.

The NFL is always competitive

What do you think about the new extra point rule?

What did you smoke this weekend Sean?

Fratello Bianco Cigars new release 2015 cigars

Sean: I’m a big fan of My Father cigars. I smoke my first Flor de Las Antillas. It was medium body and I loved it. Great construction, hint of spice, touch of nuttiness and a little spice on the retrohale.  This one definitely appeals to a wide range of people. I definitely prefer a spicy cigar.

Harris: It should, It was the #1 cigar of the year for 2012!

Lane what did you smoke this weekend?

Lane: I smoke a large ring gauge Oktoberfest cigar by Quesada. It burned really cool because of the large ring gauge.

I also smoked the Rocky Patel Royal in a big ring gauge. To me it was a little watered down compared to the smaller ring gauges of this cigar.

What are you smoking Harris?

Harris: today Davidoff Escurio, This past weekend Warped cigars

What bothers you most when smoking a cigar?

Sean: Tunneling, this happened to me for the first time last week.

Lane: Uneven burn

Harris: Bad draw, to tight


Julius Cesar is a great smoke. Cap almost tasted sweet to me. Natural sweetness.

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum (new release) was a new favorite.

Gurkha Brand names – What do you think about them?

Coming in soon:

Kristoff Cameroon

Undercrown Shade

Everyday favorites: Undercrown, Liga Privada, Alec Bradley Black Market

“Cigars are one of the last affordable luxuries”

On the show we are now using Blue Yeti mics. They are incredible! only $129 be sure to check them out if you need a quality usb microphone.

Next week on the show:

Discussion on cigars and price points. What are the great


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