Recorded 11-5-15

Lane: Welcome everyone to Cigar Cafe Radio. I’m your co-host here with Harris and Sean as usual. What are we smoking lately? I smoked the last 4 1502 Black and Gold from Harris.

Harris: I’m smoking the AFR- 75 by PDR Cigars. I believe it is their top of the line cigar. $15 range. It is starting out great. Very smooth full body.

PDR Cigars

Sean: I got a new blower and I’m really excited about it. It can blow or suck leaves! (sidetrack)

Lane: I’m smoking the Jericho Hill 12 Honest Men today. It is a limited edition lancero release from Crowned Heads. Its stating out medium plus with dry pepper, spice, leather, natural tobacco

Sean: I smoked another Undercrown Shade. In the past I’ve said I was not thrilled with this cigar. This past weekend I smoked one that sat in my humidor for three months and it was much better.

Sean: Lane is going on vacation AGAIN! What cigars are you taking on the cruise?

Lane: Here is what I am packing in my travel humidor for the cruise: Arturo Fuente Opus X Perfection, 1502 Black Gold, AVO Syncro, Nat Sherman 546 Timeless, H. Upmann Banker, La Flor Dominicana 1994, Liga Privada Dirty Rat.

Sean: Wow that is a nice selection for your trip

Sean: What’s the buzz in the cigar world lately?

Lane: I am really liking this 1502 Black Gold. The second third has a very unique cherry flavor on the retrohale like pipe tobacco

Sean: My teams finished 1-3 in the youth football Super Bowl this year. The team I coach won. My son lost 6-3 in triple overtime. It was tough to decide whether to smoke or not since my son’s team lost. I smoked the AVO LE 09 Companero. It was outstanding, very balanced. Notes of light spice, sweetness, tobacco.

Lane: I really like the AVO Classic Covers 2. It is similar to the AVO Syncro.

Sean: My 17th Anniversary is coming up. I’m going to Galena and I am going to smoke the most expensive cigar they have.

Cigar Cutters

Lane: Love the Palio cutter

Sean: I really like my Xikar Xi2

College Football

Alabama vs. LSU huge game this week in the SEC

TCU and Baylor fans not Happy  (Big 12) about Alabama being ranked ahead of them.

If Ohio State wins out they definitely will make it into the playoff

FDA News

Reports of a leak from the FDA surface with the dreaded option 1 listed as the FDA’s choice to regulate the premium cigar industry. Our efforts to verify this leak have been unsuccessful. The IPCPR says they have no information to verify this leak.

New Cigar Arrivals

Jericho Hill 12 Honest Men

Liga Privada Unico Dirty Rat

La Flor Dominicana La Nox

Lane: I really want to to try the Leaf Maduro

Johnny Tobacconaut

Other News

Jason Jackson leaves Cigars & More Patton Creek in Birmingham, Alabama to be the Southeast Sales Rep for Altadis USA. Congrats Jason!

Lane is going on another vacation. 5 day / 4 night cruise to the Bahamas

Sean: I hate you.

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