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Jason Robnett radio voice intro…

Lane: Welcome everyone to Cigar Cafe Radio. Today we have special guests in the studio at Cigars & More today. Edgar Hoill aka OSOK (One Shot One Kill) and CLE / Asylum / EH Southeast Sales Rep Jason Robnett thank you so much for joining us today.

Harris: Edgar thank you for joining us today. Many people in the cigar industry do not realize you are world famous for your art photography.

Lane: Tonight at Vitola Fine Cigars Edgar Hoill is hosting a cigar / art / photography event and wine tasting. Sounds like a lot of fun. I will be there.

Sean: So Edgar tell us a little bit about how you got into the cigar business.

Edgar Hoill: Thanks guys for having me on the show today. I moved to California from Mexico in 2004 to shoot for Lowrider Magazine. I also shot street photos in Los Angeles. I met some guys in the cigar industry and fell in love with it. I love the cigar lifestyle and the people.

Edgar Hoill Cigars

I started EH Cigars with Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka a few years ago.

Sean: I love the bands on your cigars!

Edgar Hoill: I get Mexican artists to design the bands. I have a long history with tattoo artistry

Sean: What are you guys smoking in the studio today?

Edgar Hoill: We are all three smoking the Everyday Hustle blend today. The name is a play on my initials EH and that I believe you need to hustle every day. I’m an entrepreneur always looking for an opportunity. The price points of this cigar are at a level you can afford to smoke every day. We were able to save money on the boxes and pass the savings on to the customer. I like to give back to people.

Sean: Where were you born?

Edgar Hoill: I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico then moved to California. Currently I live in Mexico. I travel all the time. I am very hands on with everything from cigar blending to cigar box design. I built some of the first EH boxes myself.

Lane: It sounds like all of your businesses are about your passions. That is great! Not many people can say that.

Edgar Hoill: It really helps that I have never been afraid to ask people for help. I don’t know how to do every thing and I have great people working with me.

Lane: What is your cigar blending process?

Edgar Hoill: Trial and Error mostly. Lots of Error

Sean: Edgar what are you working on for the future?

Edgar Hoill: 4 blends. I am working on a connecticut blend and more blends under the everyday hustle brand.

Lane: Cigar price trends are up overall. Its nice to see you making cigars in the $5-$7 price range

Edgar Hoill: I really like to help people out and make a great product at a good price

Sean: Have you guys been to Cuba?

Edgar Hoill: Out of high school I joined a group to pickup medicine in Cuba and bring it back to Mexico


Eiroa First 20 Years

Sean: How is the Eiroa First 20 years cigar you guys just released?

Jason: It is tremendous! Its been slow to get it ready. People don’t realize I still spend alot of $$ per month on cigars. I went out and bought a box the day it came out.

Lane: Edgar what do shoot in your sessions?

Edgar Hoill: For professional stuff I shoot a Canon 5D Mark III. For personal stuff I love the medium format Hasselblad. I didn’t go to photography school. I learned by doing.

I worked at a camera store and got my education assisting pro photographers. This made me very thankful and grateful for what I have been able to do.

Edgar Hoill: With my street photography I have to be very low key. I’m in bad areas so you can’t whip out a ton of camera gear.

Sean: What other cigar brands do you like?

Edgar Hoill: I love Roma Craft tabac, 724, crowned heads, Alec Bradley to name a few…

Sean: I really like the Coyol by Alec Bradley

College Football

Jason: Next topic…Auburn had a bad year. I don’t want to talk about it. It makes me crazy.

Sean: Did I see that you smoke cigars at Auburn Football games? How do you do that?

Jason: If you go to the top of the ramps they will let you smoke cigars. My tradition is to do it at halftime of every Auburn home game.

OSOK nick name

Harris: Where did the OSOK nickname come from?

Edgar Hoill: I was shooting photos for these billboards in Texas early in my career (20+ years ago). The lab messed up the film and only one picture turned out. The owner of the business loved the photo and nicknamed me osok (one shot one kill) and it stuck.

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