Recorded 7-30-15

Sean: What’s going on today guys?

Harris: Things are busy around the shops with new arrivals coming in.

Lane: I’m smoking the Davidoff Escurio today. It is not nearly as strong as I thought it would be. It is a little stronger than the Davidoff Nicaragua and is very complex. I like it!

Sean: I smoke the Oliva V this weekend on my lake trip and these others:

My Father no.3 crema – Best of the weekend

Couldn’t bring myself to smoke my Liga Privada T52 yet

Also smoked an Undercrown by Drew Estate – Always one of my favorites

Sean: I ran into a weird thing this weekend, Tunneling. I’ve never had this happened before. Harris said it is probably a humidity or construction issue and is fairly rare.

Lane: Football

Steelers vs. Vikings and Cowboys vs. Chargers

Sean is a big Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys fan. Seems like an odd combination. He doesn’t love Jay Cutler though.

Lane: Tony Romo Blows 4th qtr leads all the time. Wished Johnny Football had gone to the Cowboys.

Sean: This is Crazy! Why would you say this?

We are only 5 weeks away from the first college football game Thursday on the SEC network!

Sean: I’m a Northern Illinois fan. I think they have a good shot. Ohio State game will be interesting.

Lane: Ohio State has 4  players suspended for the first game only for Marijuana rules violations.

Sean: This is so ridiculous. You get a free ride and screw it up!

GTO Culonas funny Cigar story from owner Oscar Rodriguez

Harris has baby #3 on the way! Congrats!

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