Recorded 9-17-15

Lane: Intro and Welcome back to the show Garrett Calhoun Southeast rep for Davidoff of Geneva

Garrett: It’s great to be back on the show. I’m in town to host one of the first Davidoff Escurio Nights events in the country.

Lane: What is that event all about?

Davidoff Escurio Cigars New releaseGarrett: Its a very unique custom event all about sweet and spicy food and drink pairings with the Davidoff Nicaragua and Davidoff Escurio cigars. Guests in attendance will get to try both cigars along with three cocktails and heavy finger foods. The theme is a night in Rio, Brazil.

Sean: I really like the Davidoff Escurio I tried.

Garrett: Today we are smoking the AVO Domaine 50 during the show (sorry Sean not you since you are in Chicago). It is a perfecto shape. The draw starts out a little tight because of the perfecto shape, but opens up quickly. This is my favorite cigar in the AVO core line.

Lane: I really like the Camacho Ecuador toro. It is very medium and balanced

Sean: I smoked the Zino Platinum Z class 550R this weekend. It was strong to me but I made my way through it. The setting was perfect! 70 degrees watching my sons football practice from a distance sitting on a park bench. After the 1st third it calmed down. I ended up liking it. Normally I wouldn’t stick with something as long as I did with this one. I’m happy I did.

Single Tatuaje TAA Cigar on top of cigar box

Good Luck Getting Your Hands On One.

Garrett: Zino Z Class story about how he got to help with the blend. The other sizes than Sean’s are a little more balanced. Look for a relaunch of the Zino brand in the next 12-18 months similar to the AVO relaunch this year.

Sean: I read some online reviews about the Zino Z class after I smoked it. It has a lot of different tobaccos.

What is Ligero Tobacco?

Harris: La Flor Dominicana is really well known for cigars with Ligero tobacco.

Garrett: For Davidoff Ligero means aged longer (different than other cigar companies). It creates more body in the tobacco.

Harris: The actual translation from Spanish to English means light. This is odd since it usually means stronger in the cigar world.

Garrett: Most cigars from Davidoff contain at least three tobaccos. Wrapper leaves are now grown all over the world including right here in the US in the Connecticut River Valley (Connecticut, US). The market is not one dimensional like in the past.

Under the Camacho brand a limited edition is produced every year. The Camacho Shellback is the 2015 limited edition in the Camacho line. Shellback has to do with crossing the equator in a boat. You have a party called a shellback.

According to Wikipedia Shellback means:

“Sailors who have already crossed the Equator are nicknamed (Trusty/Honorable) Shellbacks, often referred to as Sons of Neptune; those who have not are nicknamed (Slimy) Pollywogs…”

Sean: Don’t read cigar reviews before you smoke the cigar. It will taint your opinion of the cigar (power of suggestion).

Sean: I smoked the La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads. It got mixed reviews online. Tasted like steak sauce to me. I learned I don’t like cigars that taste like steak sauce to me.

There are lots of good average cigars out there.

Sean: I like to use the Three Strikes Rule for every cigar. Meaning every cigar should get three chances before it is written off. So many variables effect whether or not you enjoy a cigar. This really gives the cigar a fair shot.

Lane: A good example of this is the Liga Privada no.9 by Drew Estate. Initially I did not love this cigar. After three though I decided I liked it.

Which Liga Privada blend is your favorite?

Garrett: T52 guy

Harris: T52 or Unico

What’s new and interesting in the shop this week?

Harris: The Tatuaje TAA 2015 just arrived! This is a rerelease of the 2011 size and blend. This is big news and should be a huge hit. This has been one of our most popular blends every year.

Garrett: Ron White story on stage about Zino

Lane: Just hanging out getting ready for the Davidoff Escurio event

Sean: Getting several new sticks this week

What are your go to cigars?

Sean: Rocky Patel Decade, Nica Rustica by Drew Estate, Kristoff Corojo Limitada, Camacho American Barrel Aged


Auburn vs. LSU

Oregon – Don’t make excuses

Texas vs. Cal  – After firing AD

Notre dame – Not going to be good against Georgia Tech


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