Recorded 9-10-15


Lane: Welcome to another installment of Cigar Cafe Radio. I’m back from vacation in Mexico and reenergized! What’s going on guys?

Sean: My son broke his thumb at football practice this week.

Harris: I spent the holiday weekend at the lake playing with the kids

Single Tatuaje TAA Cigar on top of cigar box

Good Luck Getting Your Hands On One.

What are we smoking today?

Harris: I’m smoking a new arrival. The Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco Reserva Especial toro. That is a mouthful. It is barrel aged. I just lit it up. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the Camacho American Barrel Aged Cigars. The Cuatro Cinco has only been released to Drew Diplomat Retailers aka DDRP. DDRP retailers are the top accounts for Drew Estate around the US.

Sean: Undercrown, Camacho American Barrel Aged, Davidoff Escurio. The Davidoff Escurio I smoked over the weekend blew me away. I thought it was a medium body cigar and I loved it!

Lane: I really liked the Davidoff Escurio also, very medium to me and smooth.

Sean: I really love to read online reviews of cigars. I had read about people picking up citrus notes in the Davidoff Escurio cigars but did not believe them. I smoked it and tasted lime on the retrohale for the first time ever. It was great! very excited about it!

Lane: The Undercrown Shade cigars are smoking great. They just arrived in the shop. I also smoked the Nat Sherman Timeless 660 Nicaraguan on my vacation and really enjoyed it.

Sean: I smoked the AVO Heritage and also the AVO Classic. I loved the AVO Classic. It is one of my new favorite mild cigars. It was a pleasure to smoke.

Sean: Lane is a cigar snob

Sean: Cohiba to smoke it or not?

Lane: I feel like it is a right of passage that every cigar smoker must smoke one at some point. It is a great cigar. I think you are definitely paying a premium for the brand name. Still not a bad cigar at all.

Sean: The Camacho American Barrel Aged makes me want to try the other Camacho’s and see what they are all about.

College Football



Ohio State

Notre Dame – looked great, won by 5 Touchdowns Sean is a huge ND fan

Discussion about Drew Bree’s recent appearance on Bear Gryll’s new outdoor adventure show. He killed an aligator with his bare hands!

What else is going on guys?

Harris: The big news this week is the arrival of the Tatuaje TAA 2015 in our stores. This is one of our top selling cigars every year. This year is a rerelease of the the 2011 size and blend, one of the most popular ever at 5 5/8x 54. It has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers. The blend is based on the Barclay Rex and Pork Tenderloin by Tatuaje. Suggested Retail Price on the Tatuaje TAA 2015 is $11ea or $220 per box. If you find these at your local shop pick them up quick. They never last long.

Lane: I also smoked an Undercrown Flying Pig on my vacation and a Davidoff Winston Churchill

Sean: I’m looking forward to smoking the Tatuaje Verocu, another Camacho American Barrel Aged and a La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads.

Lane: I will be smoking and shooting Dove this weekend.

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