Show Notes 6-4-15

Magic City Brewfest

Annual Birmingham area craft beer festival put on by Free the Hops

Friday and Saturday this weekend

19 Alabama based breweries, 61+ other craft beer makers and 5 cider makers to be represented

Event takes place at Sloss Furnace

Tickets are still available for purchase through Ticketmaster

I’ll be there Saturday afternoon from 4p to 8p.

Return of UAB Football

On June 1 at 4 pm, UAB President Ray Watts announced the return of UAB’s football, bowling and rifle teams

After local communities passing a number of resolutions in support of the program and private donations pledged in the amount of some $17.2M

Conference USA Status is no longer in jeopardy

Bill Clark (who led them to bowl eligibility in their last season) returning as head coach

Things they still need for long term success:

Another $13M for facilities (new stadium? Practice facilities?)

Assistant coaches

Players (56 scholarship players transferred out when football was disbanded)

Fans to continue to support the program on a regular basis, rather than just when they believe the program is on the line.

Fifa Scandal

  • I am smoking this cigar now and it is fantastic!
  • May end up being one of the top new releases of the year
  • Smooth medium body with incredible creaminess and a hint of bourcon taste from the barrel aged in
  • Aged 6 years on the tobacco and finished 5 months in bourbon barrels
  • I am smoking this cigar now and it is fantastic!

Recommended Cigars to try

Mild – Ashton Classic

Medium / full – Davidoff Winston Churchill

Camacho American Barrell Aged

Other Notes:

Camacho American Barrel Aged tour cranking up and running through the end of the year.

The Vivalo cigar really was a standout for Sean. Medium to Full Body very smooth. Vivalo’s story is great. He came up through the ranks of the cigar industry and has created a great product.

This is very subjective, everyone’s palate is different and will like different things.

Sean Loves the Liga Privada T52, The 9 is ok. Also really likes the Ashton 898.

Lane is smoking the Camacho American Barrel Aged Cigar and enjoys pairing coffee or Maker’s Mark bourbon with cigars.

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