Recorded 9-24-15

Lane: Intro and welcome to Chris Carey our special guest here today. Chris is the Southeast are sales rep for Alec Bradley Cigar Company and based in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for joining us!

Sean: Chris, what are you guys smoking during the show today?

Chris: I brought a very special cigar today, the Nica Puro Rosado. The Nica Puro Rosado is not available in cigar shops yet but will be soon.

Alec Bradley Black Market cigarsLane: the pre light draw is sweet, nutty

Harris: I’m tasting a little spice also

Sean: Chris it seems like there is a trend toward milder blends with new releases this year. Is this accurate? Undercrown Shade etc.

Chris: The Alec Bradley Sanctum is a medium body new release coming soon to stores. Alec Bradley is experimenting with very unique tobaccos from around the world. Blends you don’t see every day. Trying to push the envelope of new blends.

Sean: Chris, Tell our listeners a little bit about your background. How did you get into the cigar industry?

Chris: I started going into my local shop in Connecticut (Mickey Blakes) a few years ago. I started learning about cigars. Long story short I had a bad car accident and decided life is too short to have a job you aren’t excited about. I quit and went to work for Mickey Blakes. A few years later I decided it was time to take the next step and went to work for Alec Bradley a few months ago. It has been great. I’m really excited about it!

Sean: Cigar Journey

What are we smoking today?

Lane: this week I smoked the Davidoff Escurio and the Davidoff White Edition 2012

Harris: Story about the “Woody” cigar from Leaf by Oscar

Sean: Chris, what are some of your favorite cigars?

Chris: from Alec Bradley the Mundial, Raices Cubanas, Tempus Nicaragua (revamped) and medium

Sean: from Alec Bradley the Coyal, Lineage, Black Market (great cigar and great packaging)

Sean: I really get upset about cigars I don’t like. I hate to waste time with ones I don’t like. It really bothers me.

Lane: the Alec Bradley Black Market is always a crowd pleaser. Some people call it a more affordable Liga Privada which may be a stretch but there are some similarities there.

Chris: That is a huge complement to compare the Black Market to the Liga Privada! I’ll take it

*Coming Soon! Segment on best cigars at different price points. Low, medium and high

Sean: Undercrown Shade by Drew Estate, I tried this lately. It has a light wrapper and is a creamy smoke. Construction was outstanding and the burn was great. Overall I thought it was good but did not quite live up to my expectations. I’ll smoke a few more and report back next week. To me the AVO Classic I smoked was more complex and enjoyable. The regular Undercrown by Drew Estate is very consistent and one of my goto’s.

Cigars to Try

Chris: I’m a fan of the new Coronado from La Flor Dominicana (Sean wanted to try this), Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate, anything from My Father and Don Pepin.

Sean: Why do many of the Connecticut wrapper cigars have similar color bands? i.e. white with gold etc.?

Harris: That is a great question. I had not really noticed this. Quite a few of these look similar.

Chris: We expect mild cigars to be more complex than others so sometimes we are disappointed when they are less complex.

Lane: I’ve really been liking Cameroon wrapper cigars lately.

Harris: I’m excited about the new La Knox blend from La Flor Dominicana. Tony Gomez (son of Litto Gomez) has done a great job with developing new and interesting blends for La Flor Dominicana. See LFD Chapter 1 and LFD Capitulo Dos other blends from Tony.

Harris: I’m coming up on ten years working in the premium cigar industry. When I started we didn’t have the quality and variety of boutique cigar companies like we have now. They bring creativity and push the cigar industry forward much like the craft breweries do in the Beer industry. They are a vital part. The premium cigar industry has come a long way in the last ten years.

Cigars are one of the last affordable luxuries anyone can partake of…

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