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Lane: Welcome everyone to Cigar Cafe Radio. I hope you enjoyed the videos Harris and I made recently on the proper way to cut and light cigars. These will be the first of many Cigar 101 videos to come. What’s up guys?

Aladino 1961

Harris: I’m smoking the Aladino 1961 by Julio R. Eiroa today. This is the first of these I have smoked. It is off to a great start! Hints of vanilla and cinnamon

Colibri V Cutter

Suunto Core Military all black

Yeti large tumbler 32oz. Laser Etched initals

Lane: I’m having a great day. Trip planning! Dominican Republic trip coming up.

Sean: I hate you…

Lane: I’m smoking the Nat Sherman Timeless Dominican. It is very pleasant with hints of espresso, not boring at all

Sean: I love the Nat Sherman Dominican Timeless. I’ve been dieting really hard trying to drop weight. I lit an AVO LE 80 made me sick. I thought I was going to hurl. I didn’t know that smoking a cigar on an empty stomach can make you sick. This was my first experience with that.

Lane: Bombay Cigars on twitter is very active. I see them tweeting all the time. Have you guys tried them?

1502 Black Gold

Harris: I don’t know much about Bombay Cigars the brand. We should reach out to them!

Sean: Football this weekend. Worst Tom Brady loss in history. He got hit over 20 times.

Lane: I’m pleased to see the Carolina Panthers to make it to the Super Bowl. Cam Newton is great.

Sean: Cam Newton

Harris: This is the first Super Bowl in a long time that I am actually interested in watching. I like Peyton Manning and Cam Newton.

Lane: Jameis Winston des not have many fans in Birmingham. He is from a small town outside of Birmingham.

Super Bowl Who do you want to win?

IPCPR 2016 Las Vegas

Colibri V Cutter

Sean: Is the V cut draw different from other cutters?

Harris: Its about the same to me

Lane: It can affect the burn

Sean: I have a great care package coming from Harris. Wide variety of cigars! AVO Synchro and many more

Eiroa First 20 years – New Release!

Lane: Smells pretty kind of like the Asylum 33 with distinct aromas

Sean: My Father LE 2015 coffin is better than the My Father Le Bijou #1 cigar of the year

Connecticut H2k was not a fan of. They make so many good ones this one was just average

Sean: Harris has baby #3 coming very soon


Birthday coming up



Cigar Care Package

Perdomo Champagne Noir

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