Cigar Cafe Radio show notes

recorded 5-19

Listen today as Lane, Sean and Harris talk Milwaukee Heated Jackets, Lane squeezes into Banana Republic pants. We touch on 708 Cigars 2 year old secret Maduro. Lane smokes a Rocky Patel 20th. We learn to turn off the cigar reviewer switch when smoking with friends. Harris talk about his favorite cigars and goes on to talk about the Henry Clay Stalk Cut.

Harris: I’m smoking the Padron 1926 maduro no.48 today. This is the new limited release from Padron for TAA members (Tobacconist Association of America). It is a nice box press 60 in the 1926 line. This vitola is smoking super smooth and very cool. The flavor is great and the strength is milder than the smaller vitolas in the 1926 series.

FDA Updates

Lane: I’m smoking the new Henry Clay Stalk cut 48×7. It has a connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. This cigar is from the Dominican Republic and full body.

Milwaukee Heated Jackets

Sean: I bought this awesome new heated jacket! I love it. You plug it in like a drill battery Lithium Ion. It has 5 zones and cost $139 without a battery and $229 with a battery

Lane: Pants story about Bill’s Khakis. Regular price $119 only $19 on ebay. I wore them to the Cigars & More event with Rocco Mediate

Smoking Lately

Sean: I smoked the My Father Flor de Las Antilles this week and loved it. It is one of my goto cigars.

708 Cigars

Sean: I tried a 2 year old 708 maduro this week. It was so different and good! One of my all time favorites. It was very complex, the last 1/3 very caramel then the barrel aged notes came out.

Lane: Rocky Patel 20th I smoked was ok. Medium body, earthy, woodiness

Lane: I am smoking the Camacho Ditka Signature Toro. Gary at Cigars & More recommended it to me. It has notes of pepper spice, natural tobacco, raisin, creamy retrohale

Sean: I smoked the Camacho Triple Maduro this past weekend. It was punch me in the nose full body, a little to much for me. I probably won’t smoke another one just to full body for me. The draw was also very tight.

Harris: I smoked the Padron 1926 TAA no. 48 maduro and it was great!

Sean: I really liked the My Father Special Selection I smoked. The finish was a little long. These are only available at in store My Father events.

Smoking Cigars outside: Does it make them seem milder?

How does punching a cigar affect it vs a regular straight cut? 

College Football coming

Sean: So excited about college football!

Lane: Nick Saban and the Gun controversy

Sean: New Player on the team (son’s team). Lost 3 straight super bowls

Regions Tradition Senior PGA Major tournament


How will the Cigar industry change after FDA rules?

Regional Cigar Brands seem to be in a great position to be acquired.

Lacrosse  – cigar smoking at practice

Where to Smoke  – new App from Cigar Aficionado. Great way to find local cigar friendly shops and bars!

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