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Lane: Welcome to the show! We have alot to talk about today.

Harris: Yes we do. Thank you to show sponsor PDR cigars and owner Abe Florez. We appreciate you guys helping make the show possible. PDR makes a wide variety of cigar blends definitely worth checking out.

Lane: So Harris you went to New York City this week tell us about it.

Cigar Aficionado Night to Remember Prostate Cancer Fundraiser

Harris: Yes Lane it was great! I was a guest at Rocky Patel’s table at the annual Cigar Aficionado Night to Remember fundraiser for Prostate cancer. The event was held at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Manhattan. It was a black tie event that started with cocktails and cigars. Big names from the cigar industry were in attendance. Ray Lewis and Gary Sheffield were at my table and also guests of Rocky Patel. I thought this was especially cool since Gary Sheffield was one of the baseball players cards I collected when I was young. Both guys were very friendly.

After we were seated at our tables Marvin Shanken gave the introduction and launched in to the famous wine auction. Over 1 million dollars was raised in less than an hour. It was amazing to watch. The fun part of the wine auction is that each winner must open the bottle and share it with their table on the spot. Rocky Patel won a bottle of 1959 Petrus for $60,000. They brought to our table and we immediately drank it. This led to one of my most popular social media posts ever. I posted a picture of me with the 1959 Petrous bottle and the glass at the table and asked if anyone else had ever tried a $60,000 bottle of wine?

The most asked question from this post was “How did it taste?” I am not a wine expert but it tasted it great. Very very smooth with subtle flavors.

Is Petrus worth it? Wall Street Journal Article

Rush Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani and other celebrities were in attendance. At one point Rudy Giuliani sat down at our table and started telling stories that as cool.


Harris: I think this hashtag will be the new section on the show notes where we talk about what we are smoking on the show today and this week.

Lane: I am smoking the AFR-75 from PDR cigars today. It has a nice medium body with hints of spice and earthiness

Lane: I’ve smoked really good cigars this week. Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaragua 556 and I got a cool new Rocky Patel cigar touch at the Rocky Patel event this week. Also got to hang with Harris and Rocky after the event off site. That was fun.

Harris: I am smoking a new arrival to my stores Post Embargo by Alec Bradley. This blend has a Honduran wrapper, Nicaraguan and Honduran binder (2) and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. The suggested retail price is $8-$9.25 depending on the size. Only 1000 boxes of each size were released with 500 lancero boxes also. I was talking with Alec Bradley owner Alan Rubin about the name and what it means. He explained we are in a great cigar smoking era where there many great new blends being produced. The name Alec Bradley Post Embargo refers to the idea that people have moved on from the idea that Cubans are always the best cigars in the world. There are amazing blends coming out of Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic every year.

Post Embargo by Alec Bradley

Harris: I think Alan Rubin is very right about this. Cuba does make great cigars but it is not true that they are always better than blends from other countries. There was a time 30 years ago when this was probably true.

Lane: Local Drew Estate Event smoked a Joya de Nicaragua Antoan 1970 and then the Joya de Nicaragua dark corojo. The Joya de Nicaragua Dark Corojo was dark, spicy and powerful. I also met the local Drew Estate rep Jeff Tinnell

Harris: I also really like the new Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco. I think it is the best Joya de Nicaragua by far.

Rocky Patel Event at Cigars & More

Harris: Rocky Patel and I have gotten to know each other fairly well over my last 10 years in the cigar business. I have been bugging him for the last few years about doing an event at my shop in Birmingham. It has been about 6 years since he has done a big event with us. Rocky Patel is a cigar rock star. People crawl out of the woodwork to meet him. We made it into a big event. The event started with a special early access VIP event for people who wanted to come early and meet Rocky Patel in a smaller group. This sold out quickly and was a huge hit. Regular admission began at 4pm. Several bourbon, scotch and wine reps were on hand with samples along with Pizza wings from our restaurant sponsors. The store was packed and it was a record sales day. Rocky gave a 20 minute run down on his history in the cigar business and what he is doing to fight the FDA regulation of premium cigars and how they are made. It was very informative.

Thanks to Show sponsor Alec Bradley Cigars. Thank you for helping make the show possible!

Jordan Spieth and The Master’s

Barber Motorspeedway

Lane: My work took us out to Barber Motorspeedway for training. It was cool, we were able to ride on the track in a Porsche Panamera GTS. I recorded it with my GoPro Camera!

Harris: We need a link to this video! Also the Honda Indy Gran Prix is coming up soon at the Barber Motorspeedway. Cigars & More will be out there in the VIP area cutting and lighting cigars.

Thank you to show sponsor CLE cigars. Be sure to try the new Eiroa First 20 years blend. It is one of our favorites! Thank you for helping make this show possible

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