How it works

Following in the model of successful online auction bid sites like eBay, there are many online cigar retailers who offer the opportunity to bid on cigars.  Starting at the low opening bid, customers can bid against each other to try and get a good deal on a cigar product.

The bid that is on the table when the time runs out gets the cigars and pays whatever they bid.  Most bid sites have a quick bid system as well.  The quick bid system allows the retailer to set a minimum acceptable price for the product which can allow the customer to avoid having to bid and can just buy the product at the quick bid price.

One popular cigar bid site is cigarbid .com.  At cigarbid .com, there are a ton of auctions to bid on.  This bid site has a variety of types of auctions to bid in.  You can bid in a standard auction where you try to time your bid to be the last bid.

Auction types

You can bid in a quick buy auction where your bid is deemed to be enough to out bid the other highest bid and give you the product without considering another bid.  You can bid in a free fall auction where the prices of the items fluctuate downward.

In the free fall auction, the seller toggles the price to try to find a buyer who is willing to bid at their price.  The price comes down until someone bids.  The advantage to the seller is that the buyer may bid at a higher price to ensure that no one else bids and gets the deal.


As long as the price is within your range of a potential acceptable bid they figure it is a win win.  The other catch is that your bid buys you one unit at that price.  The quantity offered in the auction is limited so you may wait for the bid price to come down far enough that you can get five cigars for twenty dollars, but if someone else is willing to pay twenty five you may never get any.

Other sites like, and offer similar platforms for cigar bid auctions.  A bid system can work in the consumers favor by getting a good deal for cigars, but it can be easy to get lost in the competition and strategy of bid wars and end up paying too much for cigars.

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